Four Wheel Driving · Preparation

The Secret is Out!!!!!!!!!!

Shaun and I are both giving our notice this week so now we can share all our secrets and countdowns with friends, families and workmates. YAY! 

Now that most people know it all seems so real. There is less than 8 weeks to go. 51 days in fact. We have so much to do.

In other news Shaun is now a fully qualified Boilermaker, so proud of him for sticking it out. He has worked hard and now we can reap the rewards, starting with the construction of our 4wd storage system.

We are taking some time out this coming Monday to go 4WDing for the day – so excited to take the Colorado off-road finally.

Here are the photos of our new colorado as promised last post. 

3 thoughts on “The Secret is Out!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes it is a sweet rig – we are very happy with it. Thanks for the feedback – it’s great to hear from people reading our blog.

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