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Less than 7 weeks to go

This weekend we aimed to get so much done and well in short we didn’t get as much as we thought.

On Sunday we went for a drive down to Girraween National Park near the NSW border to go bushwalking and do a bit off-roading. The Colorado’s first time in the dirt and as it turns out a bit of mud.

Girraween NP - The Pyramids
Balancing Rock
What goes up must come down!

On the way home from Girraween we decided to give the Condamine River Road, near Killarney a crack. WOW, what an amazing spot. A picture can’t do it justice. Definitely worth a go for all those novice 4 wheel drivers out there, 14 creek crossings.

Condamine River CrossingCondamine River Road
The End of The Rainbow

We got a bit carried away, we went a bit too far and it was getting way to late to be out there. It started to rain and I mean pour, it got a bit boggy, quickly. We had a bit of a slip and slide going on and knocked the side step around. Easy fix. All in all, it was a great adventure and we are going to head down to the Condamine River Road again before we go, take my parents and camp overnight.

Over the weekend we purchased a few odds and ends for the trip including; a video camera, camping stove, dual fuel light, hiking boots, recovery kit and ordered our 4WD awning.

We got a start on the storage rig in the back of the Colorado. Shaun has built it all from scratch. Next week he will be assembling it.

The Start of the Storage Rig

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