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Our Travels so Far

Our travels so far
Our travels so far

7 thoughts on “Our Travels so Far

  1. We have covered practically everywhere that you have been – you must do Tasmania and the Kimberley, two big holes in your map! We are off to WA for 3 months later this year, can’t wait! Travelling the roads that most Australians never touch, or even know about gives such pleasure, hard to explain to those who have never been there!

    1. Yes massive holes in our map. We will head back to WA next year we hope and then Tassie soon after. We have to save some for later. #luckycountry

    1. I have been to Broome before but not on this trip around Australia. Unfortunately, since we have been travelling Australia this time the timing has never been right to complete the Gibb River Road. It will happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

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