Moving Weekend – 103 days today

Just a short post this evening. Well we took the plunge this weekend and moved out to Shaun’s mum. We have 103 days to go and we are here to save, save, save! It’s hard to believe how much stuff you can accumulate over a short period time. We heard from the dealership our newContinue reading “Moving Weekend – 103 days today”

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Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend!

For the Queen’s Birthday long weekend we headed to Glendon, outside Warwick with family. It was nice to all get together and enjoy some time out. We took Shaun’s brother down with his new bike as they have numerous tracks for 4wd, Quads & dirt bikes. We left late, late, late as the trailer blinkersContinue reading “Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend!”

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Signing on the Dotted Line

Wohoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Today we signed on the dotted line.  We have purchased our vehicle. Our touring rig…. our home.   It is such a massive step in the right direction for us.   So what did we buy??????? We bought a brand spankin’ new HOLDEN COLORADO LX-R 4×4 Dual Cab…… we got it in white to keepContinue reading “Signing on the Dotted Line”

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126 days to go

Things are all falling into place nicely! We call the current phase “getting rid of stuff” – our stuff includes debts, cars, house, furniture and just plan old junk! Who knew you could accumulate so much junk!  We are saving at a rate of knots. We’ve never had such healthy looking finances it is quite empowering. TheContinue reading “126 days to go”

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207 days to go

Today, to get me through the day I browsed through other people’s Australian travel blogs. What I found interesting about these blogs was what these couples, families and even singles wrote about in the months leading to the day they finally hit the road. The planning stages, the count downs and all the lists, it is all somethingContinue reading “207 days to go”

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