African Safari in the Midst of Surburban Australia

Our recent trip to Melbourne allowed us to visit Werribee Open Plan Zoo. It was a wonderful and affordable day out. It’s nice to see the animals out on replica Savannah Plains instead of enclosed cages. Our favourite was the Wild African Cat Encounter where we went behind the scenes and got to have a cuddleContinue reading “African Safari in the Midst of Surburban Australia”


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Living the Dream

What is living the dream? Is it the Great Australian Dream of owning a house, raising a family and having a successful career? Or is it being happy? Pursuing what you want to pursue? When you want to pursue it? Who know’s what they want? Really? Who? Tell me? I sure don’t. I love theContinue reading “Living the Dream”

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Our Own Doorstep

I love Melbourne. I don’t think I could live there but I do love a good visit. We stayed a week this time and if anything our stay could of been a little longer. Our driver from the airport thought we were mad for staying so long and his statement got me thinking. We don’t appreciateContinue reading “Our Own Doorstep”

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Pilbara to the Coral Coast

Goodbyes are never easy but in this day and age they no longer mean forever either. We have closed the chapter on our time in the Pilbara and are moving on to new and exciting prospects. What an adventure! On Thursday I drove the 6 hour return trip to pick up my folks from theContinue reading “Pilbara to the Coral Coast”

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Aiming for the Tropics, Landing Amongst the Tablelands

Well we did it! We have hit the road again. Where are we you ask? Now we are not normally ones for travelling through over-populated cities and overly touristy regions however, at the moment that is exactly what we are doing! There is a method to our madness. One: we have spent over seven monthsContinue reading “Aiming for the Tropics, Landing Amongst the Tablelands”

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Our Affair With Alice

Last weekend saw us adventure back into civilisation for a weekend away from cattle station life. We had a few things to restock  so with a couple of days off now was a good as time as any. We decided to go the extra distance and venture to Alice Springs verse Mount Isa! We hadContinue reading “Our Affair With Alice”

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Moving a Little Further Down the Road

We have now been calling Tobermorey home for five weeks. Time has flown and we haven’t really stopped for air until this weekend. The time has come where we are moving next door (over a 100km away) to Tarlton Downs for a few weeks. It is sad to leave Tobermorey behind especially now that IContinue reading “Moving a Little Further Down the Road”

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A Very Different Track

The Birdsville Track is iconic. It is a feat for many modern-day travellers, 4WD enthusiasts and caravanners. The “track” we drive these days is a world away from that of our predecessors. The road now is practically a dirt highway mostly smooth with rocky patches here and there. Back in the day soft sand dune,Continue reading “A Very Different Track”

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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Wow I can now definitely see why the Flinder’s Ranges is a 4WD and traveller’s paradise. It was amazing to say the least and we only scratched the surface of what the Flinder’s has to offer. As it was our first visit and a short one at the that we decided to base ourself inContinue reading “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

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