Off Centre

After seeing where we live and surrounding areas from the air I have finally realised how remote we really are. I mean we aren’t days and days from anywhere but with more than half of Australia’s population hugging the coast line we are worlds away from that. Currently we are at Tartlon Downs and have beenContinue reading “Off Centre”


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Our Affair With Alice

Last weekend saw us adventure back into civilisation for a weekend away from cattle station life. We had a few things to restock  so with a couple of days off now was a good as time as any. We decided to go the extra distance and venture to Alice Springs verse Mount Isa! We hadContinue reading “Our Affair With Alice”

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A New Arrival

The other day some of the worker’s headed to Linda Downs (owned by the same people) to muster. They were gone overnight leaving a few of us behind to enjoy the peace and quiet. It made dinner time a breeze with less mouths to feed which for me meant less time in the kitchen. WhenContinue reading “A New Arrival”

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Cattle, Bush Turkeys & Snakes

Today we officially start our second week on Tobermorey Station. We survived the first week without quitting or getting fired. In fact we have settled in quite nicely and it is starting to feel like home. Not one day is the same for either Shaun and I work wise and that’s the way we likeContinue reading “Cattle, Bush Turkeys & Snakes”

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Plenty of……

Here on the Plenty Highway they say there is plenty of corrugations, plenty of rocks and plenty of bull dust. They fail to mention that there is also plenty of natural beauty and plenty of fun. As I write this I am sitting in the hottest corner of the Rec Room with an old ricketyContinue reading “Plenty of……”

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We Got The Job!

We have happily and excitedly accepted our next job on the road. The position is on the remote cattle station, Tobermorey just over the QLD Border in the Northern Territory. The property expands over roughly 1.48 million acres and lies on the famous Plenty Highway. To the south is the northern expanse of the SimpsonContinue reading “We Got The Job!”

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Introducing Our Special Destination Series

One of the most common questions we get asked about our travels is “Where is your favourite place?” To be honest the answer is everywhere. We are so lucky to live in such a diverse and varied country. No two places are ever the same. They may look or feel the same but when youContinue reading “Introducing Our Special Destination Series”

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Luxury in the Top End

So as you know we traded the Oz-Tent for some 4 and a half star luxury. It was bliss. We planned to stay for 3 nights and ended up staying 6. We were so taken with Darwin we will definitely be back! Maybe to holiday, maybe to work or even maybe to live. We stayedContinue reading “Luxury in the Top End”

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