our top 5 Tweed coastal eats

Oh my how we LOVE the Tweed. It has everything. The coast, the river, the hinterland and oh my the food, the glorious food. The Tweed region is a foodie hub. It is a natural food bowl with a fresh and diverse of locally-grown produce. It is famous for its paddock to plate style dining. WeContinue reading “our top 5 Tweed coastal eats”

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we have only one life

Life is full of wonderful highs and devastating lows. We have one life and one life only. It is important to make the most of everyday. Appreciate the little things! Live a life you love. Surround yourself with people you love and people who love you. Do something that makes you happy every single day. Yes there areContinue reading “we have only one life”

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stuck in a rut

There is often something new and exciting in the life of the travellers. However, like with all others on this beautiful Earth, there are trying times filled with ruts and slumps. “I’m stuck!” is currently my catch-cry. I cannot suppress the whinge! I’m sick of hearing about it so I am sure those around me are F-E-D up!!! Why you may ask?Continue reading “stuck in a rut”

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A Flying Doctor

Some of the doctors in Australia have wings. They can fly and I mean really fly. In planes……  You didn’t think I actually meant they could flap their own wings did you? The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia was started by Reverend John  Flynn back in 1928. Initially, named the Australian Inland Mission Aerial MedicalContinue reading “A Flying Doctor”

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Fructose Is My Frenemy

My mind loves fructose but my body hates me for it. Tomorrow I embark on my sugarless existence. I go into this with no expectations other than a healthy outcome. If not I am not locked into anything and I can bring back the sugar but will I need to ???? I am completely kickingContinue reading “Fructose Is My Frenemy”

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My Life Without Sugar

I don’t know what I am searching for but as I mature as a person I am seeking ways to improve my quality of life. I am happily married, living a life of full of unique experiences while travelling. I really do have a wonderful life. The only thing that disrupts this contentment is health. IContinue reading “My Life Without Sugar”

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