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our top 5 Tweed coastal eats

Oh my how we LOVE the Tweed. It has everything. The coast, the river, the hinterland and oh my the food, the glorious food.

The Tweed region is a foodie hub. It is a natural food bowl with a fresh and diverse of locally-grown produce. It is famous for its paddock to plate style dining.

We have tried a wide range of places on the coast so this post is about our coastal eats. In the future as we eat our way through the Tweed Valley we will add a Tweed Valley specific post.

Here is our top 5 Tweed coastal eats.DSC_0950 

  1. Choux Box, Kingscliff: breakfast and brunch are to die for and the coffee is one of the best we have ever had…..anywhere. Oh and the staff are fabulous and friendly. IMG_7177
  2. Chinderah Tavern: fantastic pub fare, affordable prices and great view over the Tweed River and out to Mt. Warning. Excellent lunch specials, nice for dinner or a few afternoon drinks. 
  3. Tango Gelato, Kingscliff: for a sweet treat after dinner or a after a a big swim at the beach. Delicious gelato with so many flavours. You cannot go past a scoop of coffee or my favourite a lemon sorbet. Or for those health nuts like us try a Acai Bowl in the am. 
  4. Tweed River Seafoods, Chinderah: fresh seafood and good old fish and chips. Quite reasonable. Plus location, location, location. The shop is right across the road from a park right on the Tweed River with views out to Mt. Warning. Perfection.  
  5. Kingscliff Meat Gallery: This is for the caravanners like us. Or even the holiday-makers visiting the area that have the facilities to cook for ourselves. A wide range of fresh and delicious cuts of meat at good butchery prices. We enjoyed various cuts of tender steak and enjoyed a few varieties of rissoles and cracked pepper and Worcestershire sausages yum. 

Have you been somewhere in the Tweed you think we should try? Let us know by e-mailing us or commenting below. 

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we have only one life


Life is full of wonderful highs and devastating lows.

We have one life and one life only.

It is important to make the most of everyday. Appreciate the little things!

Live a life you love. Surround yourself with people you love and people who love you.

Do something that makes you happy every single day.

Yes there are going to be things that happen that break your heart and knock you down.

Cherish the good times and hold on to the precious memories you have accumulated thus far to get you through.



Let go of your burdens and live simply.

Don’t hold onto things or people who bring you down.

Surround yourself with people who raise you up.

Don’t let people scoff at your dreams.

If you can dream it you can live it.

Again, life is full of ups and downs.

But you can live a life you love.

We have only one life.

No regrets.

Never give up.


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stuck in a rut

There is often something new and exciting in the life of the travellers. However, like with all others on this beautiful Earth, there are trying times filled with ruts and slumps. “I’m stuck!” is currently my catch-cry. I cannot suppress the whinge! I’m sick of hearing about it so I am sure those around me are F-E-D up!!!

Why you may ask? No reason really! It is what is!! My itchy feet have kicked in and they are as itchy as hell. My indecisiveness is working overtime. So I am in that place…. I’m sure you have all been there!?!? Please tell me you have?! These are just feelings you have to push through or do something about. I’m undecided (dang that indecisiveness!) which way to go? So at the moment I’m pushing through and will see what happens.

Let’s talk about some positive things coming up for us Norris’!

We are off to one of our favourite Western QLD towns in a fortnight: Longreach! The Longreach region has been gripped by devastating drought conditions for years. The people of the region are losing hope and walking off the land. We will be attending a drought relief concert featuring Paul Kelly, Dan Kelly, Troy Cassar-Daly and Mick Lindsay! In case you are unaware we are BIG Paul Kelly fans, don’t worry  we love Troy as well! We are going to splash some cash around the region while we are there. So if you are around the area or even quite a few 100 kms away like us (800km people!!!) why not head to Longreach and help inject some money into this lovely Western QLD town. For more details contact the Longreach Info Centre

The next weekend we change it up from the bush to the beach. A much-needed break on the Noosa River. A nice relaxing long weekend (plus a few extra days) with sun, salt, family and water! We LOVE you Spring!!

Image from:
Image from:

Let’s hope these two upcoming weekends away help to dig me out of my rut!

What are your plans for the October Long Weekend?

Sarah xo

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A Flying Doctor


Some of the doctors in Australia have wings. They can fly and I mean really fly.

In planes…… 

You didn’t think I actually meant they could flap their own wings did you?

The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia was started by Reverend John  Flynn back in 1928. Initially, named the Australian Inland Mission Aerial Medical Service they were based in Clonclurry, QLD with one pilot and one doctor. He never would have thought all these years later Australia would be serviced nation-wide by a fleet of over 60 planes carrying doctors and nurses to remote, rural and regional Australia.

Last year 90,000 patients were consulted and more than 5000 remote clinics were operated by the RFDS.

Without donations this would not be possible so please help keep our doctors flying by DONATING NOW.

Your donation helps with fitting out RFDS aircraft, vital medical equipment, funding essential health services and emergency medical services.

Become an everyday hero today!

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Fructose Is My Frenemy

My mind loves fructose but my body hates me for it. Tomorrow I embark on my sugarless existence. I go into this with no expectations other than a healthy outcome. If not I am not locked into anything and I can bring back the sugar but will I need to ????

I am completely kicking fructose out the door. So from tomorrow no added sugar, no fruit, no honey. ZERO. No fruit I hear you scream. Well yes I screamed that too but it makes sense just because it is natural doesn’t make it any better for us. Sugar is sugar.  For now I will cut it out completely and I may like many others bring it back into my diet in the future.

A typical day for me food wise will look like this:


Bacon and Eggs, Spinach & ricotta Omlette or Oats with Yoghurt, Walnuts and Cinnamon.


Full Natural Yoghurt with Nuts stirred through or a Flat White, Rice Cakes with Ricotta, Grilled Haloumi


Spinach Salad With Grilled Haloumi, Shaved Turkey, Zucchini Slice, Homemade Quiche,


Meat with Vegies, Home Made Stir Fry with Brown Rice, Rocket Pasta,

I will be sure to share any recipes I come across and let you know I am going. So tomorrow is it. Week One: Cold Turkey.


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My Life Without Sugar

Picture from

I don’t know what I am searching for but as I mature as a person I am seeking ways to improve my quality of life. I am happily married, living a life of full of unique experiences while travelling. I really do have a wonderful life. The only thing that disrupts this contentment is health. I suffer from lethargy and am like many others constantly on the weight loss/gain roller coaster. This is not by any way a vanity issue I am happy with the way I am. It is the health side of things that worries me. As I get older I am thinking more and more towards the future; having children, raising children and aging gracefully and healthily.

Food to me is always on my mind and no I don’t mean I am constantly looking for something to eat. By that statement I mean food to me isn’t pleasurable it is purely consumable.  I eat when I am hungry and don’t when I am not. When I crave something I eat it when I don’t I won’t. I hate fast food like McDonald’s, KFC etc they just don’t do it for me. My problem is processed food. We all eat it. It’s whats inside them where we come undone. The harsh fact is;

I am addicted to sugar!

Like an alcoholic craves alcohol or a crack addict craves crack. I crave sugar, sugar in nearly every form. If you sit back and see the amount of sugar in food you consume daily you would be astonished, disgusted even. Even someone with a sweet tooth would cringe. The cold hard truth is we are all addicted to sugar.

I have been doing research into the facts of sugar addiction and how to nip it in the bud and I am going to do just that. On Monday the 20th my sugarless adventure will begin. With the help of Sarah Wilson’s 8 week plan; “I Quit Sugar” ( )I am going to kick the habit or at least give it a red-hot go. I can already forecast when I am going to fall off the wagon but I will plough through. As Sarah clearly states you don’t have to stick to it but at least try it. If it makes me feel better, healthier and brings me clarity why not.

You can follow my journey on the blog under the categories; Health & Wellness or My Life Without Sugar. I need all the support I can get while I am in my own little “sugar rehab”.