Glen Innes in the Summer:  Cool Climate, Warm Welcome

With average maximum temperatures of 26 degrees, Glen Innes is the perfect place to visit in the Australian summer. There is so much to see and do in the Glen Innes Highlands, although its the people and the community that make this place a must to visit. Everywhere you go in this town, you areContinue reading “Glen Innes in the Summer:  Cool Climate, Warm Welcome”

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2017 travel blog awards

We are super excited and thankful to be nominated for the 2017 travel blog awards. If you could spare a moment to follow the link below and vote for us we would really appreciate it. Thanks to everyone who reads our blog, follows our Facebook page ( or follows us on Instagram (@norrisaroundaustralia) ,Continue reading “2017 travel blog awards”

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we have a little travel secret….

  Our next trip is fast approaching and we are super busy with trip preparation and general life activities. The next few weeks are jammed full with a concert, several family visits and a wedding. Plus we somehow have to cram in work, study and most importantly trip preparation. Our remaining trip specific preparation involves:Continue reading “we have a little travel secret….”

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upcoming trip: rivers and ranges

Our 2017 trip is fast approaching so it is time to dust off the keyboard and get crack-a-lacking on reinvigorating the blog. We are in full-on trip prep mode. Vehicle and van prep is well underway. Shaun has spent the weekend servicing our Holden Colorado tow-vehicle. Plus he installed Boss Air-Suspension airbags to assist inContinue reading “upcoming trip: rivers and ranges”

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the best thing about camping in winter

The humble camp-fire. A place to gather with fellow travellers. A place to cook the most delicious winter meals. A place to heat the billy for a nice cup of tea. A place to soak in the warmth of the coals. A place to toast a marshmallow or two. Bring on 2016 winter camping. WhereContinue reading “the best thing about camping in winter”

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Life is short, you cannot afford to get stuck

We all know it. We all forget it. We all need to remember it. Life is short. Our life is but a fleeting spec in the universe. Yet we all get caught up in the drama of what is going on around us and forget to live from within. I believe this time we haveContinue reading “Life is short, you cannot afford to get stuck”

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