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Do you feel suffocated by your everyday life? Do you often find your mind wandering to faraway places? Is your news feed filled with other people out there living your dream? You can live your dream and with our help you can turn your dream into a reality. Want to travel Australia with us? You can! We now offer various travel coaching programs to turn your travel dreams into your travel reality.

Are your planning your trip of a life-time and have no idea where to start? We here at Norris Around Australia having been travelling and working around Australia since 2011. Our time on the road has given us a bucket load of “real-life” experience and we are bursting to share it with you.

Our travel coaching and trip inspiration is the answer to your pleas for help! We can get you out of your rut and on the road.

We are offering on-going or one-off one-hour travel coaching sessions via Skype (or over the phone). Included with the various sessions are check-lists and info-sheets to assist you with following your dream sooner rather than later.

Our travel coaching services include:

  • Trip Preparation
  • Trip Planning
  • Itinerary Creation – personalised and flexible
  • “Do It Your Way” TM
  • Vehicle Preparation and Maintenance
  • How to Make it Happen
  • Budgeting
  • Blogging

We are offering FREE  30 minute consultations where we will ask targeted questions to find out what your travel dreams are and where you are in your journey to make them happen. From your answers we will tailor make a program to help you realise your dreams and start living the life you love today!

Contact us via our Facebook page or


 Happy Travels,

S & S

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Check out the Lightforce Australia website and light up your travels like Norris Around Australia


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