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One Week until our 2015 4X4 Desert Trek


How exciting is the week before you embark on an adventure?

Everyone is excited for you! Your family, your friends, you neighbour, the postman….. This week is full of catch ups and dinners. It’s great to catch up with family & mates who will constantly fire questions about your “big” trip and this make you get even more excited (if that is even possible).

This week is also full of packing, un-packing, packing, un-packing, re-packing and shuffling. How can we fit so much in such a small space? It is also filled with to-ing and fro-ing, rushing around and finalising last minute details.

It is all part of the adventure and even though we are counting down, we are not wishing this part away……..

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Monday Memories

Remembering Birdsville – What’s not to love?

Check out other posts on our sights about are visits to Birdsville and surrounds!

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Itchy? Scratch It!

The itchiness of our feet is almost unbearable. One location – 12 months. That is normally our limit but we are holding on. We are going to lightly scratch the itch in JUNE!! More details to share with you shortly. It’s in the name of a good cause.

Open roads and dirt roads are calling.

The ebb and flow of having NO FIXED ADDRESS swirls endlessly around us. To settle or not settle? To continue the travels or stop them. We will always be nomadic.

We all want somewhere to belong but what if that place is the largest and most beautiful continent on Earth. We have travelled and worked around this vast land since two thousand and eleven and have merely scratched the surface. There is still so many places left to explore and places we have been that we would love to explore deeper.

Here are the first ten places that come to mind that we want to see (or see more of)

  1. The Simpson Desert
  2. The Flinder’s Ranges
  3. Corner Country
  4. Gibb River Road and the Kimberlys
  5. The Victoria High Country
  6. Arnhem Land – East and West
  7. Cape York and Surrounds
  8. TASSIE – All of it
  9. Gunbarrel Highway
  10. Canning Stock Route

They list took me a split second to type and ages to deliberate because I ran out places. Our bucket list between the two of us would be miles and miles and miles long.

What are your must see destinations? Locations? Tracks? Where do you want to go? Are you feet itchy? Scratch them!


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Birdsville We Meet Again!

I know I have written this a million times but this is the third time in 18 months we have visited Birdsville. I remember the first time it was such an accomplishment. It was wet, wet, wet and it was a record breaker! Our first visit was in 2010 at race time and for the first time in forever the races were cancelled due to the once in a lifetime amount of rain.

Our first two visits were completely tourist. The second visit we conquered some of the Simpson Desert. Our third visit, this visit was about relaxing and enjoying Birdsville for what it is and the only Big & Little Red’s we conquered were the house burgers at the Birdsville Pub. A remote country town on the verge of the tourist season but still quiet enough to not be driven insane by the hustle and bustle of a million other travellers. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy tourist season and socialising but it is so nice to just enjoy a town as it is without the masses. Our time is Birdsville was shared equally between the pub and the camp ground as I said in my previous post. However, I did bring the camera out and here is some of the images I thought I would share. To keep up to date with Birdsville happenings I strongly encourage you to check out the following three blogs. A blog completely about Birdsville. News and Events and General Discussion about the remote town of Birdsville. A Birdsville Residents Blog – this one is an online portfolio of a young city girl who has made the big move to Birdsville. Another Birdsville Residents Blog – this one’s about the writer’s journey to cross the Simpson Desert on foot this winter raising funds for the RFDS.

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Deserts & Corners

So yes we have been a bit slack with the blog. First excuse, no service and second excuse too busy having way too much fun.

After our nice relaxing time in the Channel Country including Windorah, Quilpie and Welford National Park. We headed out west into the desert. We took the Birdsville Developmental Road after stopping at J.C Ruins.

We reached Haddon’s Corner, where South Australia and Queensland meet. Mum and Dad had to unhitch the caravan at the turn off as there were a few sand dune crossings.

Haddon’s Corner

From Haddon’s Corner we free camped on the outskirts of Cordillo Downs, home of the largest stone shearing shed in the Southern Hemisphere. Shaun crossed into South Australia for the very first time.

Queensland & South Australia Border
Sturt Stoney Desert

After camping in the middle of nowhere we woke up refreshed and headed to Cordillo Downs, the sheep shearing shed.

Cordillo Downs

From Cordillo Downs we continued crossing the Sturt Stoney Desert and headed into Birsdville.

We spent 2 nights in Birdsville did all the touristy things  – had a beer at the Birdsville Hotel and Shaun even ate a camel pie at the Famous Birdsville Bakery.

Camel Pie at Birdsville Bakery
The Burke & Wills Tree outside Birdsville

After all the fun at Birdsville it was finally time to hit the Simpson Desert or “The Simmo” as it is affectionately known by 4WD enthusiasts. We were up at the crack of dawn and watched the sun rise over the Diamantina River . Beautiful. We headed out on the highway towards the Desert. Our first stop was at the infamous Big Red due to a major detour from all the flooding we missed Little Red completely. Shaun attempted the dune 3 times to no success but his 4th try he was up and over. Good on him. It was an AMAZING feeling to reach the top – so proud of him.

Shaun coming over the crest at Big Red
Shaun coming over the crest at Big Red

From Big Red we headed out into the middle of the Simpson. Dune after dune we crossed, corrugations, soft sand, hard sand, water crossings all the things the Simpson has to offer in one crossing. It truly was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. The desert is alive at the moment with so much greenery and wildflowers. You have to see it to believe it.

Crossing the Simpson one dune at a time
Shaun crossing Eyre Creek (he got stuck on exit – Dad had to winch him out after taking a 10 K detour)
Poepells Corner – Where the 3 states meet S.A, Q.L.D & N.T
Our Campsite out in the middle of the Simpson Desert

The next day we did it all again and headed back into Birdsville. On arrival at the Caravan Park there was a notice to call Shaun’s mum. She had some bad news to report, our poor kitty, Muffin had passed away. It was devastating. Shaun and I were extremely upset. Muffin will always be remembered for her strong personality and adventurous character just like her owners. We had dinner and drinks at the Birdsville Pub to celebrate Muffin’s life. She will be missed by all.

Well at the moment I am sitting in Alice Springs and there are things to do and people to see. So I will leave it here for tonight and hopefully get this blog up to date in the coming days.

Bye for now.

PS. On the way back into Birdsville I had a go getting up Big Red – and I succeeded. TWO OUT OF TWO Wooohoooo!

Sarah & Colorado after successfully climbing Big Red