Free Campers aren’t Free Loaders

We have met thousands of free campers in our travels and a far cry from how they are painted. These people like ourselves are travelling for mostly long periods of time or are on the road permanently. To make their travels go the distance they choose free camping options to save money. However, this is notContinue reading “Free Campers aren’t Free Loaders”

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Boodjamulla to Bladensburg

Originally posted on Clifton Camping Capers:
Crossing back into QLD feels like a big milestone on our journey, in many ways coming back to the beginning but forever changed by our experiences. We pass through Gulf country via Hells Gate, around Doomadgee and continue on the Savannah Way to the much anticipated Boodjamulla National Park.…

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Our Current Home on Wheels

To sell or not to sell? That is the question. To upgrade or not to upgrade? That is the question. This is our home. Our stability. We own it completely. As a couple of “nomads” we don’t own much but we do own our home on wheels. We are at that point now looking forContinue reading “Our Current Home on Wheels”

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Our Ideal Home on Wheels

If money was no option and we could design our own ideal home on wheels what would we like? Hopefully not like my above drawing although I guess we would get everyone’s attention. Here’s our wish list: total off-road capability slim-line independent suspension lower than our tow vehicle while towing to cut down on windContinue reading “Our Ideal Home on Wheels”

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Hints & Tips: Camp Kitchen Preparation – Part One

Food, cooking and general stores play a major role in your trip preparation. The “Keep it simple stupid” premise comes to mind. Heading off the beaten track with limited space does not automatically mean you need to pack only dehydrated food and eat dry powder out of the packet and wash it down with a swigContinue reading “Hints & Tips: Camp Kitchen Preparation – Part One”

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Inskip Point

WOW! I cannot believe we haven’t been here before. What a great camping destination! It has everything. We’ve been to Fraser before but never stayed on the mainland. Australia never ceases to amaze us. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Shaded Camping Areas Sand Driving 4WD Driving Boating Swimming Fishing Kayaking The list goesContinue reading “Inskip Point”

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