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Monday Memories

Remembering Birdsville – What’s not to love?

Check out other posts on our sights about are visits to Birdsville and surrounds!

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Our Current Home on Wheels

To sell or not to sell? That is the question.

To upgrade or not to upgrade? That is the question.

This is our home. Our stability. We own it completely. As a couple of “nomads” we don’t own much but we do own our home on wheels. We are at that point now looking for the next option. We started our travelling around Oz with our dear little RV Oz-Tent which we still use frequently. We upgraded to our MDC in 2012 and it has completed many, many, many miles with us and we have lived in it for months on end. Is it time to upgrade to a pop-top style camper? Is it time to no longer have so much god damn canvas in our lives? Or will we miss it? I know at times after we brought the camper we missed our tent. (Crazy, right) It’s an attachment that you grow from putting the contraption up and down every day. The MDC camper is so easy to put and down and we can be set up in minutes. For those longer stays I often think we would be better in something similar to the MDC XT-10 but would we really? Do we need something that flash?

The eternal question: should we just be happy with what we’ve got?

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Five Million Star Cooking

One of my favourite things while living on the road is the fact that normal, mundane chores don’t feel like mundane chores, in fact most of the time it’s a novelty or even a tonne of fun. For example, hanging out clothes in the middle of the Simpson Desert on a rope strung between two trees or in a caravan park with a back drop of King’s Canyon.

Hanging out with a view is so not a chore.

Cooking dinner under 5 million stars is so much better than cooking dinner a kitchen. We find we eat so much heartier and healthier while on the road. I think it is because you have to plan meals and groceries in advance. When you are in the middle of nowhere you can’t just pop out and get an ingredient you have forgotten.

Groceries in the Outback

We have to eat more filling meals while on the road as our days are full of hiking and exploring. We need the stamina to make it through each exciting, new day.

Stoking the Fire
Cooking on the Road

My secret weapon for cooking while travelling is our traditional camp oven.  Whenever we can have a camp fire we use the camp oven for tea. Everything tastes so much better in the camp oven. There is something about cooking on hot coals. Yum

Our Camp Oven

Our favourite camp dinners include:


Damper in the Camp Oven

Moroccan Lamb

Beef & Vege Stew


Chilli Con Carne

Camp Oven Pizza

Corned Beef

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

The other important piece of cooking equipment we have is the griddle that sits over the burners of our gas stove. We use this as a BBQ which makes for simple dinners after long days on the road. We normally have steak with salad or vegetables. We will be including photographs of our meals and recipes to share on the blog going forward.

5 Million Star Camp Dinner


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Introducing Our Special Destination Series

One of the most common questions we get asked about our travels is “Where is your favourite place?” To be honest the answer is everywhere. We are so lucky to live in such a diverse and varied country. No two places are ever the same. They may look or feel the same but when you scratch the surface they are worlds apart.

Of course we do prefer certain places over others. For example we prefer the outback over the city and we prefer free camping over caravan parks. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Sometimes it’s nice to visit a city for a few nights to spoil ourselves and sometimes you do feel more secure staying at a caravan park then at a road side stop.

We have decided to do a series of articles/blog posts to showcase our preferred destinations. The places we stop at for one night and end up staying for longer. The destinations we are already planning to come back to before we have even left. Believe us there are a lot of these places scattered throughout Australia. From well-known locations that everyone knows about to those areas that not many have even heard about let alone visited.

Our first special destination is: Welford National Park, QLD

Keep following our blog to keep up to date with our Special Destination Series. Feedback is more than welcomed.

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