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we haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list

It has been a long while since we updated our travel map of big old Australia. So here it is…. this is our travel paths since the commencement of our blog & indefinite travels back in 2011. As you can see we have barely scratched the surface! This country is well and truly AMAZING!

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Ringers From The Facebook

We all love social media. There is no doubt about it. It is rare these days to meet someone and not connect with them on Facebook or Twitter at some point. Even remote stations now have internet access via satellite. It is more common to send an e-mail or Facebook message than pick up the phone due mostly to cost and convenience.

This social media concept has resulted in easy communication with friends and family while living remote. What you might not know is it also connects perspective employees with employers while providing a safety net of answers. This can be used to find out about anything and everything related (and even unrelated) to life on a station.

The Facebook group  Ringers From The Top End is a forum/discussion style page which provides all kinds of answers to all kind of questions. Despite it’s title the Facebook group is open to all people who are currently, previously or interested in working on a cattle station. It is in fact how Shaun and I found our position out here on the Plenty Highway. All we had to do was write a post with what we could offer and within an hour or so we had several job offers. It is that simple. The lifestyle out here is second to none and I truly believe everyone should experience it at some stage of their life.

If you are keen to get out and experience life on a station or want to connect with other people in the same field as you. Join the Ringers From The Top End page and make yourself  known. Living remote doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected from reality.

Although it is nice sometimes.

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Our Affair With Alice

Last weekend saw us adventure back into civilisation for a weekend away from cattle station life. We had a few things to restock  so with a couple of days off now was a good as time as any. We decided to go the extra distance and venture to Alice Springs verse Mount Isa! We had only been at Mt Isa several weeks early and it didn’t light any fire of desire to rush back.

Welcome to Alice!

There is something about Alice that Shaun and I keep coming back too.I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly! I love that it is in the red centre. The capital of central Australia really. The mountain ranges that surround it create a scenic landscape and some naturally beautiful tourist stops. These reasons could be why we like it so much. More so our love for Alice probably  stems from actually getting there in the first place. To come through Alice in your travels you have to come the long way. Simply because there is no short way. You either have cross the Plenty like we did this time. Or you could have crossed the Simpson Desert, been out admiring the grandeur of Uluru, wandering on the rim of Kings Canyon, digging for opals in Coober Pedy or travelling through somewhere else in remote Australia. This is why I think when we have got to Alice each time we have said: “Bugger it!” Booked a hotel to relax in luxury after days of dust, heat, corrugations and flies.

This trip to Alice was mostly to re-stock on boring necessities. We also planned on  acquiring some warmer apparel as the desert we reside so close to is becoming colder by the day. Yay for me – I detest the cold. Although I also detest early mornings and so far I am coping just fine with those. So who knows I may even come to love the cold!!

While in Alice we decided to head to the Start/Finish Line of the 2012 Finke Desert Race. Wow what a rush. Would love to head to another Desert Race and camp along the track for the few days. It was a real buzz. For those who don’t know the Finke Desert Race is one of the biggest sporting events in the Territory which sees hundreds and hundreds of competitors on bikes, cars, buggies and quads complete an off-road course from Alice Springs down to the small community of Finke. The course is one of the remotest in the world and runs 230km one-way. The competitors race down one day and come back the next. That is one hell of a long ride.

2012 Finke Desert Race


1st, 2nd & 3rd Bikes Catergory

For more info on the Finke Desert Race head to their website

Working on the Road

We Are Turning The Page

Tomorrow we start another chapter of our journey. Over dinner tonight Shaun and I were discussing how quickly it has come round and what our expectations are. It will be interesting to see what comes in reality and how closely it aligns with our dinner conversation. The thing about not knowing what to expect is it pulls you out of your comfort zone and really tests you.

For those readers who don’t know we are heading to our new home tomorrow, our new job. It isn’t just any normal job. We are uprooting ourselves from civilisation and heading to live, work and play on a remote cattle station. 300km from our nearest town, a fair portion of this being unsealed road. This is completely different from anything we have done before. I have worked on a cattle station previously as a governess when I was younger and single. The property was 100km from town and I though that was remote. That property had mobile service. This one doesn’t.

We are going to be cut off from the outside world. (Don’t panic I will still blog when I can – hopefully once a fortnight) Shaun and I are up for the challenge and look forward to the hurdles it will bring us. Tomorrow we turn another page in our adventure and only time will tell what is written on that page.