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no excuses

Haven’t been away for ages?

Do you feel like your Facebook news feed is full of friends, family and random travelling and flitting about everywhere? Meanwhile you are sitting on the couch, watching re-runs of Mash and daydreaming of your next holiday. Or you are so busy you haven’t had time to think straight when one day you realise it has been 6 months since your last weekend away?


You can be out there too.

No excuses.

We are the makers of our own misery and by the same token the makers of our own happiness. Chose to live a life you love.

Money tight?

Why not go for a cheap camp-out? National parks are great, low-cost and are quite accessible for most no matter which town you reside in. There are also endless free camp sites dotted across Australia. Keep meals simple and easy to reduce costs further.


Time poor?

One night away is better than none? A night at the coast sounds lovely doesn’t it. Or why not hop in the car for a drive and see where you end up. Stay the night and enjoy the sites and head back home the next day.

Day 59: Our Time in Griffith is Ticking Away


Too busy at work/school/study/life?

It will all be there when you return. Our lives are forever fast-paced but we have earned at least one to two days here or there! Haven’t we? You don’t need to head off on a 12 month voyage to have a good time. Plan around your schedule! Fit in some time to getaway. Make the time.

Day 88


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Ringers From The Facebook

We all love social media. There is no doubt about it. It is rare these days to meet someone and not connect with them on Facebook or Twitter at some point. Even remote stations now have internet access via satellite. It is more common to send an e-mail or Facebook message than pick up the phone due mostly to cost and convenience.

This social media concept has resulted in easy communication with friends and family while living remote. What you might not know is it also connects perspective employees with employers while providing a safety net of answers. This can be used to find out about anything and everything related (and even unrelated) to life on a station.

The Facebook group  Ringers From The Top End is a forum/discussion style page which provides all kinds of answers to all kind of questions. Despite it’s title the Facebook group is open to all people who are currently, previously or interested in working on a cattle station. It is in fact how Shaun and I found our position out here on the Plenty Highway. All we had to do was write a post with what we could offer and within an hour or so we had several job offers. It is that simple. The lifestyle out here is second to none and I truly believe everyone should experience it at some stage of their life.

If you are keen to get out and experience life on a station or want to connect with other people in the same field as you. Join the Ringers From The Top End page and make yourself  known. Living remote doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected from reality.

Although it is nice sometimes.

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A quick post to let you know about our NEW links page! This page contains links to websites we love and visit regularly. It is also to showcase those who support us. So head to the page and check out these wicked websites.

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Bottled With Family Values

Westend Estate is one of the finest Riverina wineries and it all comes back to strong family values. Their philosophy is “keeping it personal” This was definitely abided by at the wine release of their new Prosecco. Bill Calabria, owner was happily bringing out wine to the tables, filling up our ice buckets and stopping for a chat with everyone.

The winery is currently in the third-generation of wine making. Bill alone has been within the industry for 45 years. It’s not only the locals that note the wine as a best seller since 2000 Westend Estate has been awarded over 80 trophies and 1600 medals across Australia and internationally. This is a massive effort for a family run winery competing against big business wineries.

I truly recommend buying a bottle and tasting for yourself. Wine is exported to UK, USA, China, Europe, Canada, Japan and many more so where ever you are in the world you can enjoy a glass of Westend Estate Wines. There main labels include; Calabria Bros, Francesco Show Reserve, 3 Bridges, Westend Cool Climate Series, Calabria Private Bin, Richland and Pokerface. With this vast variety there is a wine to suit all palates and all price ranges. If you do one thing today make sure you head out and buy a bottle of Westend Estate wine, you won’t be disappointed.

The gallery below is a collection of photographs from the wine release evening for their new Prosecco. Enjoy.

For more information on Westend Estate Like them on Facebook or head to their website

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We now have a Facebook page for the blog. On the right side panel of our website you can now like our Facebook Page. We will have galleries of our photography, videos and quick updates of our travels. The other addition to our right side panel is the ability to now type in your e-mail address and receive our new blog posts by e-mail. Again we thank you for taking time to read our blog, email us questions, post comments and follow our blog. We love sharing stories of our beautiful country.