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A New Arrival

The other day some of the worker’s headed to Linda Downs (owned by the same people) to muster. They were gone overnight leaving a few of us behind to enjoy the peace and quiet. It made dinner time a breeze with less mouths to feed which for me meant less time in the kitchen. When they came back from Linda they had a new addition to add to the Tobermorey family.

A donkey.

It is yet to be officially named but there is all kinds of crazy names being thrown around. Names like Linda, Jenny, Donkey, Donkett, Georgina, May and god knows what else. I have been calling it Donkey for lack of a better name. Even though it is female I’m sure it won’t mind for now.

The New Arrival – The Donkey with No Name

Other than our new arrival we are settling in really well and are so glad we made the decision to come here and give it a go. It is starting to feel like home and everyone is really easy to get along with. I find most of my day doesn’t even feel like work and the early mornings aren’t bothering me that much. I am not normally a morning person so for me that is a big thing.

I thought to finish off today’s post I would list some of the food I have serving for the masses here on the station to tease your  taste buds. I am open to ideas and suggestions so feel free to comment with your feedback.

(I need all the help I can get)

Cakes etc

  • Orange Cake
  • Upside Down Pineapple Cake
  • Coconut Ice Cake
  • Golden Syrup Cake
  • Apple Cake
  • Apple Slice
  • Pikelets
  • Vanilla Cake
  • Passionfruit Cake
  • Apple Crumble Cake
  • Malt Cake
  • Plain Tea Cake
  • Jam Drops
  • Choc Chip Biccies
  • Vanilla Biccies


For dinners:

  • Curried Sausages
  • Pasta Bake
  • Braised Steak & Veges
  • Spag Bog
  • Gravied Sausages with Mash
  • Drover’s Special
  • BBQ
  • Potato Bake
  • Bacon & Egg Pie (for breakfast)
  • Fried Rice
  • Beer Damper
  • Beef Casserole

Tonight I am making Shepard’s Pie and a Golden Syrup Pudding for Desert. I better get into the kitchen and get cooking.



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From The Camp Kitchen: Golden Syrup Pudding

Now that is starting to get a bit chilly it’s nice to have a sweet treat that warms you from the inside out. I love golden syrup it’s flavour is delicious and moorish. I normally have it on fresh damper or scones but my love of golden syrup led me to experiment with different recipes and I thought I would share one of my favourite golden syrup pudding.

Golden Syrup Pudding is steamed pudding using saucepan half filled with water and pudding bowl placed on top. You combine the makings for a basic vanilla cake; eggs, SR Flour, butter, milk, sugar and vanilla essence. (or to cheat you can buy a packet mix vanilla cake) Line the pudding bowl thick with golden syrup and pour in cake mixture. Steam for 35 mins or until skewer can be taken out clean. The perfect warm dessert for those winter nights camped out under the stars. You can serve with ice-cream or cream. Can be kept for morning tea the next day if it’s isn’t all eaten at once.