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From The Camp Kitchen: Golden Syrup Pudding

Now that is starting to get a bit chilly it’s nice to have a sweet treat that warms you from the inside out. I love golden syrup it’s flavour is delicious and moorish. I normally have it on fresh damper or scones but my love of golden syrup led me to experiment with different recipes and I thought I would share one of my favourite golden syrup pudding.

Golden Syrup Pudding is steamed pudding using saucepan half filled with water and pudding bowl placed on top. You combine the makings for a basic vanilla cake; eggs, SR Flour, butter, milk, sugar and vanilla essence. (or to cheat you can buy a packet mix vanilla cake) Line the pudding bowl thick with golden syrup and pour in cake mixture. Steam for 35 mins or until skewer can be taken out clean. The perfect warm dessert for those winter nights camped out under the stars. You can serve with ice-cream or cream. Can be kept for morning tea the next day if it’s isn’t all eaten at once. 

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From the Camp Kitchen: Cheese & Chive Damper

One of my favourite foods to cook on the road is damper. It is so easy and so versatile. You have the choice of the sweet or savoury varieties. Last weekend I cooked a Cheese and Chive Damper for Shaun to take out harvesting to share amongst the workers. They really enjoyed it. I use a mix of SR & normal flour, a pinch of salt, some butter, some milk (if handy) and a dash of beer as the base and then I add the extras to spice it up. I love the following combinations: golden syrup, cheese & bacon, cheese and chives, sweet chilli & cheese, olives and sun-dried tomatoes, dates or sultanas. The options are endless.

Knead into a ball


Fresh from the oven


Sliced and ready to eat