sea-change, life-change and new beginnings

Well we have taken the plunge and dived right in. Excuse the pun, or don’t, it is up to you.  Our sea-change has finally taken place and we are slowly finding our stroke. No floundering has occurred as yet and we are hopeful it won’t occur at all…. but we never say never here at NorrisContinue reading “sea-change, life-change and new beginnings”


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Aiming for the Tropics, Landing Amongst the Tablelands

Well we did it! We have hit the road again. Where are we you ask? Now we are not normally ones for travelling through over-populated cities and overly touristy regions however, at the moment that is exactly what we are doing! There is a method to our madness. One: we have spent over seven monthsContinue reading “Aiming for the Tropics, Landing Amongst the Tablelands”

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Travel Well to Welford

This is the first article for our special destination series. Enjoy You’re standing on a steep river bank surrounded by stark white ghost gums dangling a line in the Barcoo River as it flows through Channel Country, Central Queensland. The wide blue western sky creates a natural contrasting backdrop behind the red sand hills. There isContinue reading “Travel Well to Welford”

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Vintage Kicks Off Early in Griffith

Vintage (Harvest) has begun down here in Griffith. I went out with Nonna to see Shaun and the boys start their first night of picking. I have to admit it was pretty awesome to watch (for a while anyway) Check out the photographs below and let us know what you think! Bye For Now

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Our Blog Is Now On Facebook!

We now have a Facebook page for the blog. On the right side panel of our website you can now like our Facebook Page. We will have galleries of our photography, videos and quick updates of our travels. The other addition to our right side panel is the ability to now type in yourContinue reading “Our Blog Is Now On Facebook!”

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Waterfalls to Wetlands – Gagudju Dreaming

Four nights we spent at Cooinda in Kakadu National Park but even that is not enough time to explore all that Kakadu has to offer. It seriously is one of the most beautiful places on Earth barely touched by outside influence or humans. On arrival into the National Park we stopped at the Mary River Roadhouse toContinue reading “Waterfalls to Wetlands – Gagudju Dreaming”

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