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Pilbara to the Coral Coast

Goodbyes are never easy but in this day and age they no longer mean forever either. We have closed the chapter on our time in the Pilbara and are moving on to new and exciting prospects. What an adventure!

On Thursday I drove the 6 hour return trip to pick up my folks from the Karratha airport and also drop off our little kitty cat for his big flight across to Brisbane, QLD. The things you do for pets. In the essence of leaving things to the last minute I was rushing to the airport when I happened to get a flat tyre about 3km from the airport……after years of driving on dirt and regional road I get a flat in the thriving metropolis of Karratha. With only minutes to spare and huge thanks to a good Samaritan we got Billy to his flight within the nick of time and Dad’s introduction was helping me change the tyre in the immense heat.

We had a wonderful night catching up at the station and saying our good-byes. We have really worked with some wonderful people and made firm friendships for life.

Friday it was time to drive South away from our Pilbara existence and stretch our travel legs for the first time in 12 months. This time we have a new addition to our travelling circus, a 98 Landrover Defender (photos to come!) Shaun his driving his new pride and joy while I tow the camper behind the Colorado. We made a quick stop off at Nanutarra Roadhouse and the out-station and then onto Coral Bay.

Ooops Sarah forgot to book accommodation!! It’s a bit warm for the camper yet so lucky the caravan park had a few options yet even though it’s a long weekend. Another mishap….was funnily enough with the Colorado not the defender. Driving along the road towards Coral Bay, Exmouth, a flapping sound commenced, stopped and yahoo no more air-conditioning!!! It was so hot outside!!! And our nice, fancy car had no air-con while the Defender’s air-con was freezing up. Lucky we carry spare belts and Shaun’s already got it replaced.

A lot of snorkeling, reading and relaxing is occurring at Coral Bay as we unwind from a very hectic 12 months of work.

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Rising Rivers

Some photographs of the local rivers of the Pilbara rising from rain further up the catchments.






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The Past Year

A constant state of awe. That was what the last twelve months held for us. We had a massive adventure living and working in the Pilbara. Our jobs consumed us twenty-four/seven and we loved every minute but it left no time for blogging. Our experience was a steep learning curve and we learnt so much there is no looking back. We have learnt the importance of family and friends, but most of all we learnt the importance we hold in each other’s lives. Money, power, title means nothing if you don’t have each other. 

There is a photo essay post to follow with our year in the Pilbara in pictures. We hope you enjoy looking at the past year through our eyes. 

Going forward we are heading back towards QLD, heading South down the West Coast, across the Nullabor, down to Adelaide than back up the Centre (our favourite part of Australia), a visit to Uluru and then cutting back across to Queensland to write another chapter. We encourage your feedback and recommendations on places we should stop along the way.

We are sharing this next trip with our families. There are so many beautiful places across this wide, brown land we could go back to most places time and time again. Travel and exploring is always better when you are sharing the experience with those close to you.



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A New Chapter

Once a nomad, always a nomad. 

Itchy feet need to be scratched or otherwise they drive you insane. 

A new chapter is beginning, a new page turned over.

What will the dice roll for us next?

We hope you are there to share it with us.