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A Flying Doctor


Some of the doctors in Australia have wings. They can fly and I mean really fly.

In planes…… 

You didn’t think I actually meant they could flap their own wings did you?

The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia was started by Reverend John  Flynn back in 1928. Initially, named the Australian Inland Mission Aerial Medical Service they were based in Clonclurry, QLD with one pilot and one doctor. He never would have thought all these years later Australia would be serviced nation-wide by a fleet of over 60 planes carrying doctors and nurses to remote, rural and regional Australia.

Last year 90,000 patients were consulted and more than 5000 remote clinics were operated by the RFDS.

Without donations this would not be possible so please help keep our doctors flying by DONATING NOW.

Your donation helps with fitting out RFDS aircraft, vital medical equipment, funding essential health services and emergency medical services.

Become an everyday hero today!


Get Involved!

Get Involved!

Please help us raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Click on the link above to connect to our fundraising page.

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Off Centre

After seeing where we live and surrounding areas from the air I have finally realised how remote we really are. I mean we aren’t days and days from anywhere but with more than half of Australia’s population hugging the coast line we are worlds away from that.

Currently we are at Tartlon Downs and have been for several weeks. I came across the map below while searching Google. We really are only slightly off centre. Off centre from the centre of Australia.

Seeing the above map makes you realise how far from the rest of the population you are. To be honest the remoteness and the isolation isn’t an issue at all. We are loving the lifestyle. Even the fleeting town visits show us we aren’t missing out on too much. If we run out of something. You make do. There is no loss. The major concerns of distance is health and family. The Royal Flying Doctors Service and a few Aboriginal Clinics provide a safety net when it comes to health. As for Family (and friends) well thanks to technology (satellite phone and internet) we have it covered.

On the topic of location I thought I would share the following map of Tobermorey’s location as well.

Closer to civilisation in one direction further away in the other. Tobermorey is about 24 hours drive from Brisbane and Tartlon is another 2 hours further. So with this being said when we head back for a visit we will be more than happy to fly.