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Aiming for the Tropics, Landing Amongst the Tablelands

Well we did it! We have hit the road again. Where are we you ask? Now we are not normally ones for travelling through over-populated cities and overly touristy regions however, at the moment that is exactly what we are doing! There is a method to our madness. One: we have spent over seven months on the edge of the desert. Two: it’s been bloody hot and we just wanted a sea breeze and Three: it’s Christmas time soon so we have family and friends to catch up with over the festive season.

On leaving Tobermorey we had no plan other than to be in Toowoomba before Christmas and get there via a series of beach hideaways. No plan is the best plan! We left on the 10th of December which gave us 14 or 15 nights to travel to Toowoomba. Like always we are taking the long. We shot straight across to Hughenden for night one. We were too tired to continue so we stayed the night. Nice caravan park near the community pool. Free entry for campers. It was great to be back on the road and in the camper again. The second night we were aiming for Port Douglas but got caught up in the luscious green of the Atherton Tablelands. After spending so many months on the edge of the red, vast and dry desert it was unbelievably hard to take in all the greenery of the Tablelands. Millaa Milla Falls were beautiful as were the lesser known surrounding falls. We opted for a free camp that night down the range on Henrietta Creek.  It is a national park area. $5.45 per person. We class that as free. It’s cheap as chips almost the same as buying a coffee in some places.

Tobermorey was the hardest place to leave even harder than right back at the start when we left our home. Tobermorey was and always will be a massive part of our lives. From the Tablelands we will make our way across to Port Douglas via the Rex Highway.

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Living on Tarlton Time

As I sit and write this post. I hear silence. There is no one about. The shed is away from the homestead so I cannot even hear the hum of the generator. The only sound I can here is the howling of the wind. Actually I lie. If I listen carefully I can hear the clock on the wall ticking steadily. Although if you asked, I wouldn’t know what time it is. In fact I don’t know what day it is. We are in the middle of nowhere, removed from reality. Time flies by, thanks to full & busy days. Days pour into weeks and weeks flow into months. Life goes on. Soon we will be moving on from Tarlton back to Tobermorey and Tarlton time will be gone for another year. Or will it?

Tobermorey is just as remote. However the constant flow of tourists brings reality a whole lot closer to our doorstep. We will again be removing ourselves from reality when we head south down in the desert at the bottom end of Tobermorey. The mustering crew will be basing themselves here for a couple of weeks or more to finish up the 2012 season. It is hard to believe the season is coming to an end. Time really has flown by. So much has changed

in so little time. This is the story of life. Who would have thought a few months ago we would be where we are now. A hell of a lot closer to finding home.

Living On Tarlton Time