207 days to go

Today, to get me through the day I browsed through other people’s Australian travel blogs. What I found interesting about these blogs was what these couples, families and even singles wrote about in the months leading to the day they finally hit the road. The planning stages, the count downs and all the lists, it is all something that I can currently relate to.

I love going to work these days because I know on OCTOBER 1st 2011 my darling husband and I are starting our new life on the road, just him, I and the wide open spaces.


We are in the early planning stages at the moment with less than 7 months to go there is so much to organise. Our priority at the moment is buying our new car. We are after a Toyota Prado Diesel 2005 or newer (depending on costs). It is so hard to find one with low kms or even kms under 200,000 – we are still hunting… We are hoping to have it all sorted by at least JULY.

Our other priority is savings. I have never been a saver and just spend money without a second thought but since we set the departure date I have been fanatical. Every time I want to buy something, new shoes, a snack, a coffee or a vase, I just think about our growing savings account.

We have organised most of our camping set up. We have an Oztent – they are brilliant couldn’t recommend them enough. They are worth every penny and then some. We have spent nights in the pouring rain and not felt as much as a drip through the canvas. We can pull into a camp site and be all set up and having drink in less than 30 mins. (The tent by itself only takes 30 secs) Which is great after all day on the road exploring.

At the moment our plans for the first leg of our “big” trip are to head towards Birdsville and then on across the Plenty towards Uluru. My parents are planning to join us in their brand new RIG; a 2010 Mazda BT50 4wD and an off-road Lotus Trooper caravan. We are excited to be sharing the start of our epic journey with my parents.