Funding the Dream

We have travelled in debt in the past and would love to travel debt free in the future. That is our plan. Can we do it? Of course! Will itchy feet push us on regardless. Who knows. We don’t regret throwing in the towel when we did, selling everything, buying a new car and hittingContinue reading “Funding the Dream”

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Living the Dream

What is living the dream? Is it the Great Australian Dream of owning a house, raising a family and having a successful career? Or is it being happy? Pursuing what you want to pursue? When you want to pursue it? Who know’s what they want? Really? Who? Tell me? I sure don’t. I love theContinue reading “Living the Dream”

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Where have we been? What’s happened to Norris Around Australia? We are still in Australia and still in the same place we wrote about 10 months ago…. still technically settled. Western QLD has become home. We’ve swapped travelling blogs for gardening blogs, camping blogs for cooking blogs and nomadic life for a more settled assistance.Continue reading “Twenty-Fifteen”

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Coming Home For Christmas

From Port Douglas we travelled the East Coast of QLD. We spent a few nights at South Mission Beach it was such a beautiful, quiet spot. It was outside tourist season so the caravan park wasn’t full by any stretch. It was a very welcoming park with lush greenery and some nice shady sites.  FromContinue reading “Coming Home For Christmas”

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My Pommy Lass

  A Pommy girl from Essex, UK. A city slicker come country girl from Brisbane, AUS. An unlikely friendship forged in the middle of nowhere. These friendships sometimes come quickly and fade even faster. But some, a mere few last the distance. For our sake I hope this friendships a keeper!  

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Living on Tarlton Time

As I sit and write this post. I hear silence. There is no one about. The shed is away from the homestead so I cannot even hear the hum of the generator. The only sound I can here is the howling of the wind. Actually I lie. If I listen carefully I can hear theContinue reading “Living on Tarlton Time”

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Off Centre

After seeing where we live and surrounding areas from the air I have finally realised how remote we really are. I mean we aren’t days and days from anywhere but with more than half of Australia’s population hugging the coast line we are worlds away from that. Currently we are at Tartlon Downs and have beenContinue reading “Off Centre”

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Up In The Air

My body tensed up and I could feel myself struggling to breathe. This happened only at the thought of it. It was the day before I was about to tick an item off my bucket list. This item involved two of my biggest fears;  confined spaces and heights! I have always been a consequence person. IContinue reading “Up In The Air”

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Our Affair With Alice

Last weekend saw us adventure back into civilisation for a weekend away from cattle station life. We had a few things to restock  so with a couple of days off now was a good as time as any. We decided to go the extra distance and venture to Alice Springs verse Mount Isa! We hadContinue reading “Our Affair With Alice”

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