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Funding the Dream

Funding The Dream
Funding The Dream

We have travelled in debt in the past and would love to travel debt free in the future.

That is our plan. Can we do it? Of course! Will itchy feet push us on regardless. Who knows.

We don’t regret throwing in the towel when we did, selling everything, buying a new car and hitting the road. We were young (still are) and wanted to be free. We wanted instant gratification. Are we older, wiser, smarter? We’d like to think so but if push came to shove, probably not…….. we have a life full of knee-jerk reactions resulting in good decisions and bad….. but our life is an adventure and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The work we picked up along the way would have made much more impact on our back pocket if we had not been sinking most our funds into our car loan. Our loan repayments were substantial at approximately a minimum of $250 a week. It was quite manageable when we had steady income however, not so manageable while flitting about the country side. We never missed a payment but it did make us think about when our next lot of work was coming along. In our favour it did allow us to run a very reliable vehicle. If we didn’t have the car loan in 10 weeks travelling alone we could have had an additional $2500 spendings/savings. That is a lot of cash while travelling. A LOT!

As mentioned we are aiming to one day travel debt free so we need to look at ways to reduce our debt down to nothing while still being able to live and explore from our current base.

Let us share some of our hints and tips with you.

  • We have a high-interest savings account with ING and every extra cent goes in there.
  • We try to pay bills on time to avoid late fees and bundle what we can together.
  • Each loan repayment we pay is higher than the minimum which means we are always in front of our loan. We won’t let it break us.
  • We apply Tax Return payments and any unexpected cash straight to your loan.
  • Tighten the budget. It’s amazing what we can go without……and most you don’t even miss them.

We have found when we put our minds to it we can get money stashed and quickly.

Please share your ways to stash your money and get things paid off quick sticks?

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Living the Dream

What is living the dream?

Is it the Great Australian Dream of owning a house, raising a family and having a successful career?

Or is it being happy? Pursuing what you want to pursue? When you want to pursue it?

Who know’s what they want? Really? Who? Tell me?

I sure don’t. I love the idea of stability and striving for something whether that be a home to call yours or a successful career. However, I don’t think I am capable of true stability. Home to me is Australia. Not really one particular part of Australia but Australia. Over the past few years we have “lived” in all states and territories bar Tasmania and the ACT. I try to pick where we would live “forever” and I can’t. I’m not in LOVE with one particular place…. but with many. A successful career is doing something that makes me happy. It doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in that particular career path or if society looks down it’s noses at that point in time. Work to live, not live to work comes to mind.

Our great Australian dream is travelling Australia. Covering every inch of our vast continent and experience as many versions of Australia as possible. What is your great Australian Dream? We would love for you to share below in the comments.

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Where have we been?

What’s happened to Norris Around Australia?

We are still in Australia and still in the same place we wrote about 10 months ago…. still technically settled. Western QLD has become home. We’ve swapped travelling blogs for gardening blogs, camping blogs for cooking blogs and nomadic life for a more settled assistance. I still believe you cannot take the travel out of a traveller and I forever suffer from itchy feet and planning our next adventures.

We have other blogging interests around the place but we will again be sharing some Norris Around Australia posts this year for sure. At the moment we have a few trips planned for twenty fifteen and cannot wait to share them with you.

Stay tuned for our Simpson Crossing and prep posts.

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Living Under a Rock

Well it may seem like we have fallen off the edge of cyberspace. We have in fact been living under a rock well in fact on top of a lot of rocks. We are in the Pilbara, WA and have so much to update our readers on, if there are any of you left after our long absence.

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Coming Home For Christmas

From Port Douglas we travelled the East Coast of QLD. We spent a few nights at South Mission Beach it was such a beautiful, quiet spot. It was outside tourist season so the caravan park wasn’t full by any stretch. It was a very welcoming park with lush greenery and some nice shady sites.  From Mission we scooted down to Armstrong Beach, a hidden spot south of Mackay. We spent the night there and then the next day we stayed in Childers before heading inland to Toowoomba. Finally home for Christmas festivities and a catch up with family and friends.

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My Pommy Lass

The Govie


A Pommy girl from Essex, UK. A city slicker come country girl from Brisbane, AUS. An unlikely friendship forged in the middle of nowhere. These friendships sometimes come quickly and fade even faster. But some, a mere few last the distance. For our sake I hope this friendships a keeper!

Our Unlikely Friendship


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Living on Tarlton Time

As I sit and write this post. I hear silence. There is no one about. The shed is away from the homestead so I cannot even hear the hum of the generator. The only sound I can here is the howling of the wind. Actually I lie. If I listen carefully I can hear the clock on the wall ticking steadily. Although if you asked, I wouldn’t know what time it is. In fact I don’t know what day it is. We are in the middle of nowhere, removed from reality. Time flies by, thanks to full & busy days. Days pour into weeks and weeks flow into months. Life goes on. Soon we will be moving on from Tarlton back to Tobermorey and Tarlton time will be gone for another year. Or will it?

Tobermorey is just as remote. However the constant flow of tourists brings reality a whole lot closer to our doorstep. We will again be removing ourselves from reality when we head south down in the desert at the bottom end of Tobermorey. The mustering crew will be basing themselves here for a couple of weeks or more to finish up the 2012 season. It is hard to believe the season is coming to an end. Time really has flown by. So much has changed

in so little time. This is the story of life. Who would have thought a few months ago we would be where we are now. A hell of a lot closer to finding home.

Living On Tarlton Time
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Off Centre

After seeing where we live and surrounding areas from the air I have finally realised how remote we really are. I mean we aren’t days and days from anywhere but with more than half of Australia’s population hugging the coast line we are worlds away from that.

Currently we are at Tartlon Downs and have been for several weeks. I came across the map below while searching Google. We really are only slightly off centre. Off centre from the centre of Australia.

Seeing the above map makes you realise how far from the rest of the population you are. To be honest the remoteness and the isolation isn’t an issue at all. We are loving the lifestyle. Even the fleeting town visits show us we aren’t missing out on too much. If we run out of something. You make do. There is no loss. The major concerns of distance is health and family. The Royal Flying Doctors Service and a few Aboriginal Clinics provide a safety net when it comes to health. As for Family (and friends) well thanks to technology (satellite phone and internet) we have it covered.

On the topic of location I thought I would share the following map of Tobermorey’s location as well.

Closer to civilisation in one direction further away in the other. Tobermorey is about 24 hours drive from Brisbane and Tartlon is another 2 hours further. So with this being said when we head back for a visit we will be more than happy to fly.

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Up In The Air

My body tensed up and I could feel myself struggling to breathe. This happened only at the thought of it. It was the day before I was about to tick an item off my bucket list. This item involved two of my biggest fears;  confined spaces and heights!

I have always been a consequence person. I always over think things. What will happen if I do this? Sometimes it is suffocating to be like this. Fear holds everyone back at some stage in their life.  Fear is paralysing. But over-coming a fear well that is one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever experienced.

Yesterday, Shaun and I flew to Mt Isa in the owner’s small plane. It was spectacular! All the worrying I did in the week before was wasted. The moment we were dropped at the air-strip all the angst washed away. The views were breathtaking. Seeing the landscape we live in everyday from a completely different perspective was amazing.

I had a slight feeling of panic on the return trip after swapping spots with Shaun . I went from sitting up the front to sitting in the back. It was a mind over matter situation and I freaked out . Other than that though it was nothing short of magnificent.

Would I do it again?

Definitely! (Poor Mum)

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Our Affair With Alice

Last weekend saw us adventure back into civilisation for a weekend away from cattle station life. We had a few things to restock  so with a couple of days off now was a good as time as any. We decided to go the extra distance and venture to Alice Springs verse Mount Isa! We had only been at Mt Isa several weeks early and it didn’t light any fire of desire to rush back.

Welcome to Alice!

There is something about Alice that Shaun and I keep coming back too.I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly! I love that it is in the red centre. The capital of central Australia really. The mountain ranges that surround it create a scenic landscape and some naturally beautiful tourist stops. These reasons could be why we like it so much. More so our love for Alice probably  stems from actually getting there in the first place. To come through Alice in your travels you have to come the long way. Simply because there is no short way. You either have cross the Plenty like we did this time. Or you could have crossed the Simpson Desert, been out admiring the grandeur of Uluru, wandering on the rim of Kings Canyon, digging for opals in Coober Pedy or travelling through somewhere else in remote Australia. This is why I think when we have got to Alice each time we have said: “Bugger it!” Booked a hotel to relax in luxury after days of dust, heat, corrugations and flies.

This trip to Alice was mostly to re-stock on boring necessities. We also planned on  acquiring some warmer apparel as the desert we reside so close to is becoming colder by the day. Yay for me – I detest the cold. Although I also detest early mornings and so far I am coping just fine with those. So who knows I may even come to love the cold!!

While in Alice we decided to head to the Start/Finish Line of the 2012 Finke Desert Race. Wow what a rush. Would love to head to another Desert Race and camp along the track for the few days. It was a real buzz. For those who don’t know the Finke Desert Race is one of the biggest sporting events in the Territory which sees hundreds and hundreds of competitors on bikes, cars, buggies and quads complete an off-road course from Alice Springs down to the small community of Finke. The course is one of the remotest in the world and runs 230km one-way. The competitors race down one day and come back the next. That is one hell of a long ride.

2012 Finke Desert Race


1st, 2nd & 3rd Bikes Catergory

For more info on the Finke Desert Race head to their website