our top 5 Aussie national parks

These are 5 of our top national parks from our travels so far. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Australia and most of these can be found in our national parks. We have so many favourites however here are 5 of our top spots. We love these places so much we have visited multiple times andContinue reading “our top 5 Aussie national parks”

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200th BLOG POST: To Climb or not to Climb……….

A very contentious issue still plays out every day in the heart of Australia. Should the Uluru climb be closed to the public, should it remain a choice or it should it be continue as is? My personal opinion is a firm and whole-hearted we shouldn’t climb it. Even if you are pro-climb please hearContinue reading “200th BLOG POST: To Climb or not to Climb……….”

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3rd Times A Charm

Most people only get to the see the beauty that is Uluru once in a lifetime and that’s if they’re are lucky. Meanwhile, this is my third visit and it still leaves me in an absolute state of awe and amazement. I’m coming up on my 200th blog post and for it I’m going to be writing aboutContinue reading “3rd Times A Charm”

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