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One month till we hit the road

Just a quick post today. We are well on the way to getting gone. Everything is falling into place nicely – touch wood. Shaun finishes up work next Friday, lucky devil and then me two weeks later.

I guess it will all be worth it when our wheels turn onto the highway and we are heading west.

This week our focus has been on getting the storage rig in the back of the Colorado together, still a little bit to go but the fridge slide is now attached. Here are some pictures:

Grinding back the fridge slide


Fridge slide will hold our Engel Fridge and two 20L jerry cans for water


Good as Gold Shaun


It’s still under construction, still needs the front of the drawers and handles to be attached and then we need to build the side compartments. Shaun has done an absolute top job. His apprenticeship that he worked so hard for has paid off for something.

On Sunday we are off to Brisbane to watch the Broncos game so that will be a good quality  catch up with our mates before we head off. Other than that not much else of note will be happening except general organising and odd jobs. I do have a long weekend myself so that will be nice break from work. Lucky Shaun has 3 weeks before we leave otherwise we wouldn’t have enough time.


2 thoughts on “One month till we hit the road

    1. Thanks for the comment Dan, we are very lucky but we have also worked very hard to get to this spot. Not long to go now.

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