Action Packed 4WD Weekend – – – 3 Weeks Till Departure.

WOW! What an AMAZING weekend.

To kick off the great weekend Shaun finished up work and is now UNEMPLOYED! Another load off his shoulders and now he is in FULL ON trip mode. His job list over the next three weeks is as long as his arm but he is determined we will have everything super ORGANISED.

Another thing I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet is on Thursday we got the suspension done on the Colorado. We went with ARB Old Man Emu. We really tested it out on the weekend and it seems to be a great decision so far.

On Saturday we headed down to Killarney to meet Mum & Dad and take on the Condamine River Road and take a look at Queen Mary Falls. We got a call Saturday morning early that Mum was too sick to come, she had a bad case of the flu. We convinced Dad to still come and he did. We made it down there at about 10.30am. To my surprise (fantastic surprise) Mum did tag along with Dad – she was all rugged up, you could tell she wasn’t the best but she wanted to spend some time with us. It was good for us to all share the day together as this is what the first 5 weeks of our trip is going to be, travelling together. The UHF got a nice work out for the first time.

Before we hit the Condamine River Road we went to have a look at Queen Mary Falls, so beautiful. On the way we stopped off at Dang Falls, also breathtaking. Here is some photos from there:

Dang Falls on road to Queen Mary Falls
Shaun & Sarah at the Falls
Sarah with her Mum & Dad at the falls
The Colorado & the Black Truck
Queen Mary Falls - Killarney

After the detour up to see the falls we headed off to the Condamine River Road – we were all a bit worried as there had been rain the last couple of days and we thought that the crossings would be too high. This wasn’t actually the case the river crossings were about the same last time Shaun & I were down there. So it was a beautiful scenic drive,  even Mum enjoyed it. Here are some photos:

The Colorado and the Black Truck at the start of the Condamine River Run
One of the Black Trucks water crossings
Such an amazing vista


We travelled back to Brisbane through Boonah and Beaudesert. All in all it was a fantastic day and nice to share together.

On Sunday we had a 4WD Training Course to attend through Brisbane Hinterland 4WD. I bought both Shaun and Dad gift vouchers to attend, Dad for Father’s Day and Shaun for his birthday. We were all keen to get on the road Sunday morning. However, Mum had over-exerted herself the day before and was worse for wear with the flu so she had to stay home tucked up in bed.

Shaun and I in the Colorado and Dad in the Black Truck headed off to Dayboro to the north of Brisbane in the Hinterland. We met the other participants and course instructor in the main street. There were a few no shows so in the end there was only one other 4WD, a Pommy couple and the kids, which made the day run really smoothly.

We tucked in behind the other vehicles and headed off through some beautiful scenery to the training ground. We all sat out in the paddock in our folding chairs for a brief introduction and then it was into the practical & FUN stuff. Throughout the day we covered creek crossings, steep inclines, declines, hill climbs, bridge crossings, rocky ground, boggy ground and recovery.

Here is some photos from the day:

It's all about tyre pressure
Colorado creek crossing
Black Truck creek crossing
Colorado Steep Incline
Black Truck incline
stuck in the mud - recovery lessonBlack Truck stuck



I would throughly recommend Brisbane Hinterland 4WD training course. You will be amazed at what you and your 4WD are capable of. The business also does tag along tours to the Cape and Simpson. Have a look at their website –

19 days till departure.


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2 thoughts on “Action Packed 4WD Weekend – – – 3 Weeks Till Departure.

  1. Hi Alex,

    I think it was around $275 per couple. It was a fantastic day and we still use the tips and tricks today on our travels.

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