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On The Road Again

Well it finally happened – we hit the road after all the count downs, all the preparation. We left home at 6.40am and headed west.

We trundled down the highway making a quick stop at Dalby and Chinchilla to check a few things with the 4WD’s. All good. Drove onto Miles for a morning tea break – clear skies but it was blowing an absolute gale which ended up being a disaster for the fuel economy of the van but didn’t seem to worry the Colorado.

There was a nice surprise stop at Wallumbilla as the Mazda towing the Lotus was almost empty. Quick stop no power, no fuel, used jerry can. Travelled onto Roma and stopped at the Big Rig for lunch (sangas) had to sit in the van with Mum and Dad as the wind was ridiculous. Hopefully it clears up soon.

While Mum and I quickly ducked into town to get groceries at IGA and go to the Bottle O Shaun and Dad adjusted the straps holding tow mirrors – it is amazing what bubble wrap can fix. The other highlight so to speak in Roma was Mum got abused by a guy at the servo for no reason. He was basically talking to the air.

The highway was very much like a roller coaster very up and down from all the trucks.

For the night we FREE CAMPED. We looked at Neil Turner Weir but it was packed out with caravans already so we kept on going a little up the highway to another free camp named Fisherman’s Rest. Set up camp no problems except for the wind and low overhanging trees.

We had a nice open fire as it was pretty cold considering it is OCTOBER. We cooked Chilli Con Carne in the camp oven it was delish. We had a lovely night sleep all tucked up in the Oztent.

Arriving at Mitchell
Fisherman's Rest Mitchell
FREE CAMP at Fisherman's Rest, Mitchell

Today (Sunday) we hit the road from Mitchell to Quilpie. We stopped in Charleville for morning tea. Played some soccer and basketball. GREAT fun. Arrived in Quilpie around 3pm for a late lunch at the lake we rolled into town set up camp and headed out for sunset a Baldy Top Lookout. It was very cloudy but the sun was  still peeping through, at least there was no wind. We are currently about to pull out the BBQ – lamb chops for dinner.

Soccer at the park in Charleville
Lake Houdraman at Quilpie
Baldy Top Lookout Quilpie

Bye for now.

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