Plenty of Fun on Our Way to Alice

Yes I know it has been awhile again. We have just been having way to much fun (as it should be) So I am going to get you all up to date while I escape the heat of an Uluru afternoon.

We decided to leave Birdsville mid to late morning to allow us time to recover from our Simpson Desert adventures. This meant instead of going through to Boulia we decided to stay at Bedourie which allowed us a short day of driving and a lovely afternoon relaxing in Bedourie’s Artesian Thermal Spa and Pools. The spa was REALLY HOT and the pool was REALLY COLD.

We camped at the council park overnight had a campfire and dinner out of the camp oven. It was a real relaxing spot. When returning the key for the spa we had a drink at the pub and met some local characters.

The next day we were on the road again and we stopped at Boulia to restock; fuel, groceries, meat etc. Mum and Dad went through the Min Min Encounter. Shaun and I had done this the previous year and thought it was a worthwhile experience.

Emus crossing the main street in Boulia

While they were completing the tour Shaun and I enquired about the roads. The lady said it was OPEN (phew) however to 4WD High Clearance ONLY, which was fine. She then went on to tell us about rough corrugation, wheel ruts and bull dust. It is all about taking it easy so we decided to hit the road and take it as it comes. The lady also mentioned that some people were doing 3 or 4 tyres on one crossing of the Plenty and others were doing none.

So we made our way to the QLD/NT Border and yes there were corrugations, wheel ruts and bull dust but we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too bad at all. It is Shaun’s first time to the Northern Territory and he is looking forward to what lies ahead.

Welcome to the Northern Territory

Our first night on the Plenty was spent at Tobermorey, a big cattle station just over the NT border. We set up camp and Shaun asked if there was any work around the place for a Boilermaker. BAZINGA! It turns out there is and always is. The Manager came over to us in the morning to take down some details so it looks like after we finish up at Griffith we are going to head back to Tobermorey to work for a month or two. The Manager’s exact words were we have a little or a lot (of work) whatever you need.

Welcome to Tobermorey Station
A Tobermorey Sunset
Toby the Camel hangs with the poddy calves at Tobermorey

We left Tobermorey and aimed for Hart’s Range. However, at Hart’s Range we were greeted with massive fires burning out the landscape. We stopped at the police station and they advised the camping area was all burnt out and said it would be best to preceed to the next campsite which was at Gemtree (a fossicking area) We trundled along to Gemtree and got there right as they were closing up for the night.

The next morning we were up early and into Alice Springs as there were a few things with the caravan that needed to be fixed and with it being a Friday we wanted to get there as quick as we could. While Mum & Dad sorted out their caravan issues, Shaun and I organised the accommodation. We decided to stay at Heavitree Gap Caravan Park just outside of town. It was nice and shady with grass sites and surrounded by the sheer rock face of Heavitree Gap. We set up camp and went for a drive around town. It had been so long since we had seen traffic lights, traffic and so many people.

Welcome to Alice Springs

Shaun and I booked in a tour at the Desert Park for a Nocturnal Tour. So glad we did it was a brilliant experience, worth every dollar. We saw Bettongs, Malas, Stick Rats, and Bilbys. They came right up to our feet, it was an AMAZING experience.

The next day we headed out to see the sights of Alice including Anzac Hill, The Old Telegraph Station and Bojangles for lunch. The highlights of the day included talking to a man at the Telegraph Station who was a child of the Stolen Generation. We finished the day hand feeding wallabies at sunset.


Anzac Hill Lookout Towards Heavitree Gap
The Telegraph Station
Shaun, Mum & I at the Telegraph Station
A wallaby eating out of Shaun's hand
Wallaby and Joey eating pellets
Shaun and Sarah feeding Wallabies

So we have you updated with our journey up till Alice. Hopefully in the next couple of days here at Uluru I will find some time to continue our story.

Bye for now.


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3 thoughts on “Plenty of Fun on Our Way to Alice

  1. Love the photo of the sunset…….looks gorgeous.

    I kind of can’t believe how far you’ve made it in such a short time….you need to be updating more often and uploading more photos!

    1. Hi Danny,

      I have been trying to upload multiple photos onto FB but with the internet stick it doesn’t seem to be working. It is so hard to update the blog all the time when we are out of service.

      Will try harder. 🙂

      Hope all is well.

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