The Heart of the Red Centre

Alice welcomed us to the Red Centre with all the services we needed to restock and get set for the next phase of our adventure – The heart of the Red Centre.

From Alice we hit the dirt down to Chambers Pillar only 160kms to the South. Chambers Pillar is a sandstone rock formation 350 million years old standing above the desert floor. Chambers Pillar was named by the explorer, Stuart who named it after his financial backer, James Chambers.

Chambers Pillar at sunrise


Mum and Dad came down just for the day as they had to be back in Alice to follow up several things with the caravan. So it was just Shaun and I out in the desert by ourselves – well for a couple of hours anyway. We had a 4WD tag-a-long tour of 4 vehicles turn up and then a family with a camper trailer.

We walked around the base of the Pillar and also climbed up to the base of the pillar where all the explorers names are carved in the sandstone.

At the base of Chambers Pillar


Chambers Pillar at sunrise


We had a lovely time at Chambers Pillar. The evening was spent around the campfire with the tag a long crowd and the other family. It was a really nice night.

The next day we had planned to follow the Old Ghan Line down to Finke and then back across to the Stuart Highway. However, it was not meant to be…. about 20 k from the turn off to Finke we got a puncture from a rail spike.

Our Puncture in the middle of nowhere


We decided to head back to Alice and replace the spare. Next time we will definitely be taking that track as the history and scenery is amazing.

We got into Alice at around lunchtime. After replacing the tyre we stocked up with some meat and headed straight down the Stuart Highway towards Uluru. We were aiming to make to Curtain Springs (80km from Yulara – the township near Uluru where we would be staying) We caught up with Mum and Dad who were leaving Alice as well and we travelled down together.

Along the way we stopped at Stuart’s Well, Erldunda, Mt Connor, Cannonball Run. There was fire burning right up along side the highway.

Fire along the Stuart Highway


Shaun just like every person before him was tricked by the stunning Mt Connor.

Mount Connor - everyone thinks this is Uluru


Curtain Springs offers a nice free camping spot so we stayed there overnight. We went and had a drink at the pub. The backpacker behind the bar didn’t know what bourbon was or what a shandy was. Shaun and I had a nice chuckle.


Our stop at Curtain Springs

Then it was off to Uluru & Kata Tjuta. AMAZING. We decided to stay here for 4 nights to really relax and enjoy. During our time here we walked, walked and walked. We did the Valley of the Winds & Walpa Gorge at Kata Tjuta. At Uluru we did a guided Mala Walk and also the Base Walk around the rock. All up we have done over 25 km – it was well worth every step. We did sunrise at Kata Tjuta and Sunset at Uluru. Not one photo is the same as the next as the colours are ever changing.

Sunset at Uluru


Sunrise at Kata Tjuta


The Valley of the Winds Walk


The Valley of the Winds Walk


The Valley of the Winds Walk


Kata Tjuta - The Olgas


Valley of the Winds - AMAZING


Valley of the Winds Walk


Bush plum at base of Uluru


Native Fig at base of Uluru


Native Lavender at base of Uluru


Looking towards Uluru over the car park


Base Walk Sign


Evidence of last nights rain - Uluru base


Uluru Base - Rock Art


A permanent waterhole at the base of Uluru called Mutitjula Waterhole


So now we have the blog all up to date. We are currently relaxing in the shade around our camp. Dad just woke up from a nap, Mum and Shaun are reading novels and I am working away at downloading photos.

We look forward to sharing more adventures with you as they happen. Tomorrow we are heading off to Kings Creek Station, 36kms from King’s Canyon. Lots more walking to come.

Bye for now.


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