Nitmiluk Dreaming

As I write this blog update it is a mere 33 degrees which would be pretty normal I guess during the day. However, here in the Top End it is 8pm and this is pretty much as good as it’s going to get tonight. So lucky we have a new fangled 12 volt fan for the tent – it is absolute bliss to not be melting into the swag. It was worth the 50 bucks. I recommended anyone tenting it in this heat to PACK A FAN!!

We are currently in Katherine famous for the nearby Nitmuluk National Park (Katherine Gorge) although their other claim to fame at the moment is being the birthplace of Cadel Evans (well that was an interesting bit of trivia for you all). Katherine currently has a population of about 11,000 people with the Katherine Region being the equivalent area size as Victoria. It has a Woolies, Macca’s, Repco etc so it is quite sizeable being the 3rd largest town in the Territory.

The past two days have been spent exploring the town and surrounds and tomorrow we head off to Kakadu. Time flies when your having fun it’s places and towns like this we look forward to coming back to and spending more time at.

This morning we went on a Nitmiluk Tour Cruise along Katherine Gorge. Nitmiluk comes from the local Jawoyn (Aboriginal language) meaning Cicada Country/Place. We had a young (about our age) Aboriginal tour guide/boat driver. It was great to see a young Aboriginal so passionate and proud of his heritage. It was a great tour with fantastic views of the gorge – it is another of the Territory’s beautiful, natural wonders. It would be awesome to see in the middle of the Wet.

The spectacular Katherine Gorge
Katherine Gorge
Our tour guide Nitmiluk Tours
The swimming area at the Gorge - NO THANKS The water was nice though
Swim at your own risk basically

After the cruise we checked out the swimming area at the Gorge although it says it is fine to swim both Shaun and I thought we would give it a miss. Fresh Water crocs are suppose to be harmless unless disturbed or provoked we don’t want to put that theory to the test. We stuck with the swimming pool at the caravan park. The next thing on our agenda was Melbourne Cup – we headed to the Katherine Country Club had a bit of a flutter, dressed up a bit still sporting thong footwear though. I won!! I place 1st and 3rd!! GO LUCKY NUMBERS 3 & 9!!!! Who says you need to know anything about horses.

We went to the Low Level Crossing of the Katherine River. It is amazing to think that in the Wet the water has risen up to the TWENTY metre mark. Nature is a truly amazing thing. In a flood in Katherine the whole town is inundated. The eaves of the buildings in the main street were reached. We watched a video at the Katherine Museum about the 98 flood it was wonderful to see a town pull together through such hardship – they really did lose everything.

Katherine Low Level Crossing

The other spot we visited during our stay was the Hot Springs – we were promised there was no crocs so we had a little swim – it was a lovely little spot – water was crystal clear.

Katherine Hot Springs

Well it is well after our bed time and we have an early start tomorrow. I will leave it here for this entry and we can catch you up next time.

As the Jawoyn people say Boh Boh (pronounced Baw Baw) meaning See You Later or till we meet again.

Bye for Now.

Ps. Today we have been on the road for ONE MONTH and we are loving every moment. Thanks to everyone for reading the blog, e-mailing questions and comments. We really appreciate your interest.


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