Where are Australia’s Most Welcoming Towns?

We have now been in Griffith for two weeks and to be honest it is taking a little bit to settle in. It’s not the family we are staying with they have been more than welcoming. We love life on the farm and like spending time with family members in between work and sleep.

What’s hard about settling in is the fact you are new to the town itself. A stranger. In small communities like Griffith newcomers stand out like crazy. If you move to a capital city like Melbourne or Brisbane you can just slide right in unnoticed. Here your every move is noted and passed on between town members. People walk past you in the street, normally you would just be palmed off as a passer by, a tourist or a traveller. However, when they see you at the same place twice; getting groceries or buying Christmas decorations they know something is up. They know you are no longer here to visit but you may be here more permanently and what they want to know most is why. This isn’t helped by the fact that you work at a restaurant that is packed out by locals every night of the week. I’m now referred to that new girl that works at La Scala by town members.

As you all know the aim of “Our Big Trip” is not only to travel every inch of our beautiful country but our main goal is to find somewhere we can call home, white picket fence and all. We want to live and be a part of a welcoming town. A town that has a real sense of community not corruption. Homes not houses. Friends not neighbours. As corny as it sounds it’s true. Does this town/place exist? Yes, we have travelled through many!

This line of thinking led me to this blog. I want to here from all you readers about towns you have been too and stayed for a while and whether you were welcomed in and included or whether you were ostracised? Did you join local community groups or sporting clubs?

What are Australia’s most welcoming towns and cities? 


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