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2012 – A Brand New Start

It’s a brand new day and a brand new year. We are now living in 2012. A New Year is always full of possibilities and brings about realisations of your dreams and ambitions or even just reconfirms them.

We have a rough plan for our 2012 year. Our year has started in Griffith, NSW and we are here for a little bit yet. Harvest or Vintage will begin in a fortnight or so and from there will run through to April. Fingers crossed. Sometimes it’s been known to run through to June or on the flip side of that March. It is all up in the air and depends on nature I guess. Vintage is going to fly by we will both be working 12 hour plus days. Shaun working nights and myself working days and some nights. We will be passing ships in the night. So our first New Year’s Resolution as a couple is to make time for each other even if it is just a few moments here and there.

Our 2nd wedding anniversary is approaching quickly in fact it’s about 9 days away. It’s hard to believe it really does only feel like only yesterday that we walked back down the aisle to face the world as husband and wife. Marriage is a beautiful thing but real life is no fairy tale we have had a hard two years due to outside circumstances which is hard to believe we have come through the other end but we have. We have a long journey left to go and it won’t always be easy but I wouldn’t want to share this journey with anyone else.

Towards the end of our stint in Griffith (around Easter) my parents will be joining us for a week or so to catch up before we set off on our next leg of the trip which may lead us to the other side of the continent.

The aim of our travels other than to see the country and expand our horizons is to find us a place to call home. Now there is so many places we could call home. This country is full of wonderful towns and cities but as always we have a list of requirements that we think we need:

  • Rural Area
  • Close to a large centre (within 2 hours)
  • Close to a mining or agricultural area to utilise Shaun’s Boilermaker Trade
  • Close to the ocean (within 2-3 hours)
  • Somewhere we can have acreage just of town
  • Somewhere to raise children (schools etc)
  • Hinterland, Rainforest or Sub-Tropical Area
  • Somewhere that is warm most of the year
  • Preferably QLD, WA, NT not in Tasmania, S.A or VIC
  • Somewhere near waterways – rivers etc for fishing and camping etc

We are keen for idea’s and thoughts. We are open to suggestions or places that fit a few of the requirements. Please comment this post with your idea’s or email us at – much appreciated.

So on that note Happy New Year readers – May 2012 bring you many happy returns.

Bye for Now.


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