Let The Games Begin

Shaun starts harvesting tonight. After arriving here two months ago for preparation it’s finally starting. (Early mind you) We have been hearing about how hectic it is and how crazy everyone gets during harvest time. The last two months have been like the calm before the storm. The weather has taken a change as well. The wind is fierce and it’s freezing for Summer. I am wear jeans and a jumper. It’s January for crying out loud. Hopefully, some warm weather is around the corner and NO RAIN! We don’t want to prolong harvest.

With all the apprehension that Vintage/Harvest is bringing to my inner self. I can’t wait for it to get here and run its course cause then it is time to get back on the road and enjoy the other places that this continent has to offer. We have so many plans and ideas for our next leg of travelling but with rosters for work not lining up barely any time to discuss. The other major thing is upgrading from the tent to a camper trailer before we leave Griffith. After a frivolous couple of months with birthdays, weddings, christmas and anniversaries we are back on the saving train. Work, work, work & save, save, save!

Don’t get me wrong Griffith is a great place to visit. Maybe not at this time. Around Easter is best. During December and January there are lots of closures in the lead up to harvest. The whole town revolves around the seasons of the grapes. When you do come during the Easter period there is the multi-cultural food and wine festival, La Festa which showcases the amazing produce and wines of the area. I am looking forward to that it’s one big party for the end of Vintage. After everyone’s hard work they kick back and celebrate. For us it hopefully be our bon voyage party from Griffith. One lesson we have learnt so far from our first work stop of our travels is not to sign up for work that is a contract longer than two months to start with. If you don’t like somewhere or the job you can keep pushing on and if you do like it you can always extend. The trick is to keep your options open. Keep your mind open and enjoy your destination while you’re there for who knows when you will be back again.


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