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Vintage Kicks Off Early in Griffith

Vintage (Harvest) has begun down here in Griffith. I went out with Nonna to see Shaun and the boys start their first night of picking. I have to admit it was pretty awesome to watch (for a while anyway) Check out the photographs below and let us know what you think!

Bye For Now

Shaun picking with the Harvester
Harvester across the Vineyard
Tipping the Bins into the Truck that Shaun Built
Harvest Time
The Truck That Shaun Built

3 thoughts on “Vintage Kicks Off Early in Griffith

  1. Awesome truck that Shaun built
    Awesome pics that Sarah has taken
    365 black & white with blurb – totally AWESOME

    PS When do you start stomping on those grapes ……. lol lol lol


  2. Gosh those photos are so amazing 😉

    Love the idea of harvest time, and those grapes look so yummy!

    Thanks for sharing the vintage in Griffin.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and taking the time to provide some lovely feedback. Harvest time is a really big part of the Griffith Community, it brings the community together. It is really busy so how time hear will fly then back on the road for more adventures.

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