Everyone in the world counts down. We count down until the next holiday, the next birthday, the next special event and so on. In essence we are counting away our lives. However, I still love count downs I have counters on both my mobile and my laptop. They tick down each minute until that special event is right there in front of me. It makes those days where everything seems to go wrong feel so much better.

At the moment I am counting down to several BIG events. Firstly, we are counting down till the Melbourne Camping & Caravanning Show (the biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere). We have 35 days until we head down there, which is just over a month. That weekend I am also planning to spend a girly weekend with a dear friend of mine, Leanne. I can’t wait to have a few laughs over coffee and cocktails but back to the boy stuff the Camping Show. We have  two big purchases including a second Engel Fridge and an off-road Camper Trailer. So yes massive purchases. We are all set on the fridge and know exactly what we want just hoping to get a good deal. It’s a shame we can’t purchase from Burrell’s Tent World in Toowoomba – all our equipment is from them  and they have the best customer service. The catch is now we don’t live in Toowoomba anymore so we can’t just pop down the road and purchase over the counter.

From there our next major countdown is EASTER. We have 64 days which is just over 9 weeks. There is two reasons  for our excitement. Firstly, my parents are coming to visit for a week or so. It will have been 3 months since I saw them at Christmas by then so a long overdue visit. The second reason is after Easter it should, emphasis on should be time we move on with our travels. The only factor in our way is weather and we don’t have any control over that. At the moment harvest is pretty well underway and cruising along quickly. We have had one hiccup with rain where we all had to hold off for a couple of days. All I can say is I hope February isn’t as wet as they predict.

I really can’t wait for Mum and Dad to come down so I can show them around. There are a few things on our must do list:

  • Dinner at La Scala
  • Catania Fruit Salad Farm Tour
  • Scenic Hill
  • Pioneer Park
  • Breakfast at one of the Cafe’s in Banna Ave
  • Cocoparra National Park
  • La Festa
  • Camping overnight at Darlington Point
  • Visit to Lake Wyangan
  • Wine Tasting at West End Estate

I’m sure that is enough to keep us busy for the time that they are here. Until then I can look forward to the tick tock of the count down counter on my computer.


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4 thoughts on “Countdowns!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes lots of photographs to be taken. Also if you are interested I should have some night time harvest shots being posted within the fortnight if you want to check them out.

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