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Nomadix – The Versatile Blogger!



We have just been nominated for our third Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much to our readers for the nomination we appreciate you taking the time to nominate. I would like to thank for our third nomination.


  1. Everyone thinks we got married too young – we think it’s a wonderful thing that we can grow up together.
  2. Living in a tent isn’t half bad.
  3. We are a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.
  4. I think life is too short to do everything we want but we will squeeze it in.
  5. Just because we love travelling our own country doesn’t make us small-minded in fact we do want to head overseas soon too but there is so much to see in Australia! What can we say we love our country.
  6. We have never saved so much money till we decided to hit the road. Saving is now easy! Budgeting is easy.
  7. Blogging is addictive!

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