Life on the Road Wouldn’t be the Same Without……..

There are many different things you need to live comfortably on the road. Somewhere to sleep, shower, cook and of course a lot of storage space. At the moment we sleep in our Oz Tent, we shower using a 12 volt shower system and we cook using our double burner gas stove. We have the bare essentials to make life comfortable while living on the road. There are a few items we have found that we just wouldn’t want to live without.

Camp Oven

“Put another log on the fire, Cook me up some bacon and some beans”

It’s been mentioned before but our camp oven is one of the items most frequently used items. One of the reasons we particularly like free camping is that you can utilise an open fire and in turn use our camp oven to cook delicious meals. It makes even the most simple and boring meals extra delicious. Our favourites are casseroles and curries but we use it for everything including baking good, old, traditional damper. We pack it in the back of the 4WD in our storage system so it is not taking up too much room. One thing is for sure we got our money’s worth with that purchase.

Our Camp Oven
Camp Oven in the Fire


We have a LED light mounted permanently to the back our 4WD canopy. As with most outback campers we love looking up at the skies above dotted with millions upon millions of stars. However, I am sure most campers will agree setting up camp after dark can be a nightmare especially after a long day on the road. When you arrive at your camp all you want to do is sit down in camping chair and relax over a nice cold beverage you don’t need the hassle of tripping over ropes and camping gear as you stumble around in the dark. Cue LED light. We pull up, we flick the switch and let there be light. The other major use is for cooking we again flick it on while dinner is prepared. Don’t panic readers we do turn it off after quick use and we never point it towards other campers. Well I can’t say never as we have had numerous requests by neighbouring campers to share the light.

HID Light

12 Volt Fan 

I detest cold winters and I love the heat of the summer. We travel around Australia trying to keep warm all year around. While I love extra hot, sunny days there is nothing worse than trying to nod off to sleep while suffering from heat asphyxiation or drowning in your own sweat. Heat at night is amplified by living under canvas and it makes it so hard to get to sleep sometimes. We don’t want to not stay somewhere just because it has high temperatures so we bought a 12 volt fan. We plug it to out dual battery system and bingo let the cool air blow. It does make a bit of a whirring noise but it is so worth it. Word of advice: make sure the chord is long enough. 

Water Filter & Hose:

One of the most important things you require while travelling is safe drinking water. Water isn’t always readily available and safe drinking water is even harder to find. We purchased a water filter hose attachment (mostly used for filling water tanks in caravans) It was around $150 but it has paid for itself ten fold.  We use it fill our water bottles, camel back and our big water storage tanks. It works off a carbon filter and it takes away all milkiness and freshens the taste. 

Water Filter
Filling our Water Tanks

Oz Tent RV 2:

Our Oz Tent has been our saviour on many occasion; rain, hail or shine it provides quick shelter and in fact has been our home while we are on the road. Even though we are purchasing a camper trailer in the near future we will still be taking our Oz Tent for those off-road adventures and nights on the beach or desert. The Oz Tent has surpassed all our expectations and we recommend it to all campers.

OzTent in the Simpson Desert
OzTent near Cordillo Downs
OzTent at Tobermorey Station

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3 thoughts on “Life on the Road Wouldn’t be the Same Without……..

  1. Great blog post however I have a couple of questions.

    1. Do you guys have a generator or a solar system to recharge batteries etc.

    2. Have you had any issues getting fuel or had any issues with fuel filters clogging up etc

    That’s 3 questions but whose counting

    Love your blog.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      We have solar panels and utilise when we are staying multiple nights without using our vehicle. Otherwise we have a dual battery system and while using the 4WD regularly our power supply doesn’t normally deplete.

      As for fuel filters clogging up we installed a secondary fuel filter before upon purchase of our 4WD and have never had a drama. However, we have had a few experiences with bad quality fuel but have come out of these with no damage. We try where possible to avoid these.

      We also have a long range fuel tank so fuel is not normally a problem. Before heading off to the next destination we check fuel for the next leg. If we need any more we utilise 2 extra jerry cans.

      Thanks for sending in your questions and for following our blog.

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