Soundtracks Of Our Travels

Travelling in the car almost everyday we get to listen to a tonne of music. Which is great because Shaun and I both love our music. We do have varying tastes but we do share some middle ground. Our differing taste finds with an interesting and vast mix on our Ipod.

We have compiled a few of our favourite complete albums that we can play over and over without really skipping any tracks.

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No favourite music list would be complete without the King, Slim Dusty. Shaun wasn’t much of a fan but we listened to a few tracks early in the start of our travels and when we reached Kakadu we ended up purchasing one of Slim’s Greatest Hits Albums and it has and still is played to death.

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Shaun is a die-hard Dire Straits & Mark Knofler fan and I have to admit I am a convert. I didn’t really appreciate the music from the start but have grown to love them. Money for Nothing & Sultans of Swing get cranked up no matter where we travelling through.

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Now I have been a Lee Kernaghan fan for as long as I can remember. Shaun not so much! I love all his hits and bought this album and downloaded onto our Ipod before we left. During our travels we played it a lot and Shaun has learnt that he prefers Lee’s older stuff over the newer stuff. I’ll take that because I couldn’t go all our travels without listening to a bit of Lee.

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“Sometimes I think life is like a rodeo, the trick is to ride and make it to the bell”  Who doesn’t love John Fogarty, he has some of the greatest old school rock and country cross over plus there is all the CCR songs as well.

These are some of the albums we listen to on our travels. This is only really scratching the surface. We will share what other albums we listen to in the near future.

What albums can you listen to track by track while your travelling?


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