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My Days as a Tomato Farmer

One Tomato Two Tomato Three Tomato Four

You may or may not of noticed I have been a little a-wall of late. The reason for this is since our return from Melbourne I have been working on a tomato farm. Crazy I know. All the glitz and glamour of Melbourne Fashion Week and then BAM covered in dirt, tomato and vine green smears.

So far I have worked 9 shifts and another 2 I think to go….. maybe a  few more than 2 who knows. It is all kinds of hectic. There are heaps of other workers there including the owners and family, a few Aussies, 30 plus Indians, a few Samoans and of course some backpackers here and there.

I pulled down these vines using a scissor lift!

My days begin around 5.30am-6am where I reluctantly roll out of bed and crawl to the coffee machine. I am not a morning person but since these early mornings I can pretty much guarantee I can wake up before my alarm goes off. I drive down Farm 23 and about 3.5 mins down the bitumen to arrive at the Tomato Hydroponic Farm. The buzzer goes off to start work and I head to whichever shed/fable we will be working in. We get two breaks one at 10am and one at 1pm – I live for those buzzers!

My days have been filled with all facets of Tomato Hydroponic Farming. I have:

  • Pruned Vines
  • Pulled down vines
  • Picked Tomatoes
  • Hosed down the Hot Houses
  • Cleaned Wires with Chlorine
  • Used a scissor lift & pallet jack
  • Lifted slabs (bloody heavy)
We pulled this shed down too and re-planted - it is around 27,000 vines


Baby Plants



To give you an idea on the size of the place there is a packing shed, a nursery and 3 Hydroponic “Hot Houses”. There is also all these other sheds I haven’t been in or seen. Each Hydroponic Hot House has roughly 2 x 46 rows and each row is 75 metres long. Each row contains 296 vines in each and just for the record it’s A LOT of tomato vines. A LOT to pull out and long rows to pressure hose. After my first two days I could walk I was in that much pain. It is definitely giving me work out and I am finding muscles I didn’t know I had.

Tomatoes I Picked

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