Ciao Griffith.

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Well this week has been one of goodbyes, see you laters and more importantly ciaos.

We have been packing up, cleaning up and getting ready to hit the road. As exciting as it all is it will be sad to leave as we have been here for quite a long time by our standards plus Shaun has family connections here and that is always hard to leave.

For me so far the saddest see you later for me was Mum and Dad. After their two week visit they headed home on Saturday morning just gone. I think what made it most difficult was that we don’t know when we will be seeing them next as we don’t know how far away our travels will take us and as Mum and Dad are still working for THE MAN they have to wait to accrue leave again. Which could be sometime next year.

I worked my last shift at La Scala and that was another round of ciao bella’s. I am sure I will see many of them again as we will be back to Griffith to visit family no doubt. However, it was such a wonderful place to work and the staff are fantastic – I will miss them.

Tonight we are having a farewell dinner at the farm to see all the family together. It will be hard to say goodbye but we will be back.

At this stage we haven’t decided whether we are leaving tomorrow or Saturday. It all comes down to whether everything is packed. So I guess instead of blogging I should get packing.

Here is my Top Five Griffith Experiences:

  1. Working at La Scala
  2. Catania Fruit Salad Farm Tour
  3. West End Estate Wine Release
  4. Showing Mum & Dad the sights of Griffith
  5. Getting to know Shaun’s side of the family better


Ciao for now. xx


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