Birdsville We Meet Again!

I know I have written this a million times but this is the third time in 18 months we have visited Birdsville. I remember the first time it was such an accomplishment. It was wet, wet, wet and it was a record breaker! Our first visit was in 2010 at race time and for the first time in forever the races were cancelled due to the once in a lifetime amount of rain.

Our first two visits were completely tourist. The second visit we conquered some of the Simpson Desert. Our third visit, this visit was about relaxing and enjoying Birdsville for what it is and the only Big & Little Red’s we conquered were the house burgers at the Birdsville Pub. A remote country town on the verge of the tourist season but still quiet enough to not be driven insane by the hustle and bustle of a million other travellers. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy tourist season and socialising but it is so nice to just enjoy a town as it is without the masses. Our time is Birdsville was shared equally between the pub and the camp ground as I said in my previous post. However, I did bring the camera out and here is some of the images I thought I would share. To keep up to date with Birdsville happenings I strongly encourage you to check out the following three blogs. A blog completely about Birdsville. News and Events and General Discussion about the remote town of Birdsville. A Birdsville Residents Blog – this one is an online portfolio of a young city girl who has made the big move to Birdsville. Another Birdsville Residents Blog – this one’s about the writer’s journey to cross the Simpson Desert on foot this winter raising funds for the RFDS.


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