Dear Old Isa

This past week we have spent our time in Mount Isa not so much as tourists but kind of, in a way as new residents. Mount Isa is going to be our closest town for the next few months so we wanted to get to know where everything is. On arrival we were a bit frazzled after the long drive, the unhelpful person at one of the info desks, a dodgy CP map and one horrible CP (caravan park) after another (we went to all five) We finally found somewhere to camp at reasonable price a bit out of town but the nicest of all of them. After the week I think we are finally getting our head around where to do groceries, where to get business supplies, which bottle-o to drive thru and so on. (You know the important things) The only thing we did as tourists was the Hard Time Mine Underground Tour. It was well worth the ticket price. You can read our full review on the tour in our post titled Hard Time = Good Time. (to be posted shortly) Other than that our time has been relaxing, cleaning, washing and just plain old nothing which to be honest is just what we need before our new adventure which starts the next week.


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One thought on “Dear Old Isa

  1. I agree about the caravan parks, unfriendly, grubby and expensive. Mt Isa was the only place on our round Oz trip that we moved on with no desire to explore. I had previously been on the hard hat mine tour when I travelled round Oz on the Greyhound buses, on my own and thought it was well worth visiting, but Jack had not been to Isa before and just wanted to move on…

    Good luck with your new page, you will miss the internet connection!!!! Look forward to seeing your posts when you can squeeze them in…

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