Working on the Road

We Are Turning The Page

Tomorrow we start another chapter of our journey. Over dinner tonight Shaun and I were discussing how quickly it has come round and what our expectations are. It will be interesting to see what comes in reality and how closely it aligns with our dinner conversation. The thing about not knowing what to expect is it pulls you out of your comfort zone and really tests you.

For those readers who don’t know we are heading to our new home tomorrow, our new job. It isn’t just any normal job. We are uprooting ourselves from civilisation and heading to live, work and play on a remote cattle station. 300km from our nearest town, a fair portion of this being unsealed road. This is completely different from anything we have done before. I have worked on a cattle station previously as a governess when I was younger and single. The property was 100km from town and I though that was remote. That property had mobile service. This one doesn’t.

We are going to be cut off from the outside world. (Don’t panic I will still blog when I can – hopefully once a fortnight) Shaun and I are up for the challenge and look forward to the hurdles it will bring us. Tomorrow we turn another page in our adventure and only time will tell what is written on that page.



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