Cattle, Bush Turkeys & Snakes

Today we officially start our second week on Tobermorey Station. We survived the first week without quitting or getting fired. In fact we have settled in quite nicely and it is starting to feel like home. Not one day is the same for either Shaun and I work wise and that’s the way we like it. Variety is the spice of life or so they say.

Shaun has been getting quite a nice exposure to cattle in the yards and is even starting to enjoy working with the ringers. He has only (touch wood) been kicked a few times with minimal bruising. He knows to be careful and not go out of his depth despite himself thinking he is becoming some type of rodeo king! Speaking of rodeos it looks like our first social outing will be sometime in June as we are heading to Hart’s Range Rodeo (near Alice Springs) Looking forward to that!

We had our first day off on Saturday (yesterday) and had big plans of exploration. After such a long week we ended up relaxing with movies, ping-pong and curried pies (made by moi!) The other boys headed off pigging and hunting after swimming in an open tank. The fun of the wild, wild west. They caught a pig and I don’t know where that ended up but they also caught a plain bush turkey. Much to my disgust on coming into the kitchen I found it boiling in chicken stock and later on the bbq. Needless to say I didn’t try it (I don’t even eat chicken) but everyone who ate some enjoyed it.

On Friday it was mail run day. I head off as soon as the mail plane flies overhead and head to the airstrip in a 4wD buggy. On this particular Friday I had to drop off the 2 outgoing backpackers (including the old cook) and she decided to drive the mail run one last time so I hopped in the tray for the ride out. Her boyfriend had been up drinking all night and was sickly green. We had to stop every five minutes so he could laugh at the grass. Disgusting!!! Anyway, to make it all “exciting” we saw massive snake laying across the track. The girl slammed on the brakes and went to jump out to have a look and take some pictures. Meanwhile I was screaming at her to get back in and keep driving. The snake striked at the wheel of the buggy and the backpacker moved quicker than I have ever seen. On arrival at the airstrip, her boyfriend still bent over the grass discussed heading back down the track for another crack at photographing the snake. Silly buggers.

So we are getting out fair share of animal interaction some wanted other not so much. I have been doing a bit of photographing around the place and will put some photographs up shortly.


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2 thoughts on “Cattle, Bush Turkeys & Snakes

  1. How I wish I were out bush!! I’m very envious. All in all, there’s not a lot to say that’s favourable about city life; it’s just not real.

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