Ringers From The Facebook

We all love social media. There is no doubt about it. It is rare these days to meet someone and not connect with them on Facebook or Twitter at some point. Even remote stations now have internet access via satellite. It is more common to send an e-mail or Facebook message than pick up the phone due mostly to cost and convenience.

This social media concept has resulted in easy communication with friends and family while living remote. What you might not know is it also connects perspective employees with employers while providing a safety net of answers. This can be used to find out about anything and everything related (and even unrelated) to life on a station.

The Facebook group  Ringers From The Top End is a forum/discussion style page which provides all kinds of answers to all kind of questions. Despite it’s title the Facebook group is open to all people who are currently, previously or interested in working on a cattle station. It is in fact how Shaun and I found our position out here on the Plenty Highway. All we had to do was write a post with what we could offer and within an hour or so we had several job offers. It is that simple. The lifestyle out here is second to none and I truly believe everyone should experience it at some stage of their life.

If you are keen to get out and experience life on a station or want to connect with other people in the same field as you. Join the Ringers From The Top End page and make yourself  known. Living remote doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected from reality.

Although it is nice sometimes.


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