Onto Another Chapter


[ahy-tin-er-uh nt, ih-tin-]


a person who alternates between working and wandering.
a person who travels from place to place, especially for duty or business.

Another chapter is coming to an end. We are moving on. Our itinerant lifestyle has come out of hiding and we are packing our bags, boxes, ute and trailer. This time it’s hard to remember how everything all fits together. It’s so hard because we have been in one spot for eight months, EIGHT WHOLE MONTHS! We only came to stay for three but Tobermorey grabbed hold of us and wouldn’t let us go……. until now. Tobermorey will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our time here has reinforced that the best way to experience something is to live it. And live it we did.

Shaun and I have forged friendships that will last a lifetime. We have created memories that will stay with us throughout our life. We’ve grown together and within ourselves. Pushed boundaries and stepped out of comfort zones. We have tested limits and seen the world from a completely different place. Only those whom we have spent the last 8 months will understand. Out here in this remote location and many others like it you become absorbed by your own little world. You can go days and even weeks without thinking about the “real world”. And yes quite clearly there is a real world out there with big issues. But when your here it’s all about the little things.

We can walk (drive) away from this knowing that we can do anything we set our minds to. You couldn’t pay for the experiences we have encountered over the past eight months and we are so lucky to have been paid to work out here. We wouldn’t change anything about it.

So yes it is exciting to move on with our travels. But on the flip side when we do drive away amongst all the excitement there will be saddness as this chapter of our journey will be closed. Our friends will be so much further away and the place we have called home will become only a memory.

On a positive note – there will be plenty more chapters to follow.

Ps. For fellow travellers if you are heading towards Central Australia next season make sure you put the Plenty Highway on your to-do list and stop in at Tobermorey! It sure is an oasis in the desert!


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Following our dreams and seeing Australia one trip at a time.

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