Our Journey So Far!

Only Just Scratching the Surface

It’s been a year since our last map trick so I thought it was time to crack it out again and show you all where we’ve been!!


Published by S and S

Following our dreams and seeing Australia one trip at a time.

10 thoughts on “Our Journey So Far!

  1. Wow that looks great, you’ve been to so many places. Is 2013 the year of WA? You have to go there, you will love it!!

    1. It sure is the year of W.A we head south tomorrow and over the next few weeks will be making our way towards West Aus. Very much looking forward to it. I’ve visited in the past. Love the WA coastline where the red dirt meets the white sand that meets the blue water. AMAZING! Thanks for commenting.

      1. Sorry haven’t been on for a while and didn’t see your reply! Have fun in WA and keep blogging! I really enjoy reading your blogs and following your adventures!! If we didn’t have almost teenagers we would love to be just cruising around Australia!!

      2. Glad to be back in cyberspace. Thanks for following our adventures. Hope we have inspired you to take some trips even if they are only short ones.

  2. G’day good to see you back in blogging land. WA was my favourite in our trip. So much to see. I would go back there tomorrow. Looking forward to your adventures and photos

    1. Thanks it’s been awhile. We are back on the road. Still been a bit slack. I love WA. Keep tuned and see where we end up next.

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