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Mozzies – Oh My, Bugs – Oh Boy, Flies – Oh F!!!!

Help Me!!

I want, no I need ALL your DIY solutions to the above. 

Millions of Mozzies, Bugs and Flies are sending me batty. I’m fine with them outside, well as close to fine as I am ever going to be! But inside, INSIDE!!! At night we are captives in our own home. 

Here’s what we have tried so far:

  • Citronella Candles
  • Mozzie Coils
  • Fly/Surface Spray
  • Only having a few lights on
  • Fresh herbs in the kitchen (to repel flies)
  • Mozzie Repellant – by the truck-load. Both bought and home-made.

So I’ve taken to the internet and found some other solutions. Which I am trying as I type: i.e Cayenne Pepper Spray and Fresh Basil hanging from the doors. 

Send in your solutions and home remedies!

The Rural Wife x


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