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Our Own Doorstep

I love Melbourne. I don’t think I could live there but I do love a good visit.

We stayed a week this time and if anything our stay could of been a little longer. Our driver from the airport thought we were mad for staying so long and his statement got me thinking. We don’t appreciate our own doorsteps, do we?. Where do you live? Do you get the same out of your location as a person visiting?

Where do you live? What’s on your doorstep worth seeing? If I was coming to your local area and asked for the TOP 5 Things to Do & See, what would you tell me?

We are currently based between Roma & Taroom in Central Queensland and here are our TOP 5:

  1. Isla Gorge
  2. Glebe Weir
  3. Robinson Gorge
  4. Lake Murphy
  5. Palm Tree Creek

Here’s your chance to showcase your doorstep’s TOP 5 (Please comment below)

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