how decluttering at home can help you travel easier

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If you live simpler at home it is easier to travel.

Bold statement I know!

But it is true.

How can you live simply at home?

declutter, declutter, declutter

Get rid of any excess stuff or white noise from your home! Do you have 50 frypans but only use one or two? OR do have a favourite outfit that you haven’t worn for 15 years but will wear it again “one day”? We don’t need all this STUFF to live fulfilled lives. When we travel we strip our life back, why not live this life at home?

The more we live simpler at home the easier it is to experience the best travel can offer. Travel is about collecting moments not things.

To live we need minimal “things” like shelter, food, water etc

At home it goes a bit further than this we need/want a bed, cooking appliances, clothing, some luxuries and so forth!

Here is how we have been de-cluttering at our placw these past few weeks:

  • Culling our clothes. (Vinnies now have 6 BIG bags of our clothes!)
  • Cleaning out our kitchen of excess items and double ups.
  • Culling out our pantry!!! Do we really need that can of whatever from 1999?
  • Removing our DVD collection from DVD cases and placing them in DVD wallets. Same with the CD collection.
  • Giving away our myriad of books.
  • Selling items which haven’t been used….. do we need 3 DVD players? NO! A second TV?
  • Setting our bills to e-mail to cut back on how much paperwork we have lying around.

What do you need to de-clutter at your place?

Next job for us is our linen closet and office/study !!

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5 thoughts on “how decluttering at home can help you travel easier

  1. I recommend the “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. I don’t follow everything she suggests but most of it. The idea is to toss out things that don’t give you joy or happiness. We ended up giving away 12 bags of clothes and much much more. But I agree…decluttering your life makes for a much simpler life!

  2. We have just purchased our dream van and already we feel the weight of all our belongings at home. To much stuff to deal with at home is going to drag us back all the time. So far we’ve had two garage sales and sold some items on Gumtree but I think it’s time to fill the bags for charity.

    1. Yes. Charity donations are the way to go once you have exhausted selling items. It is a great feeling putting bags of donations into the Vinnie bins!

  3. Great post…..I have a few bags waiting to go to Vinnies at the moment. We went a little further and copied all our CD’s onto a hard drive the sold all the CD’s. Made nearly $300!

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