Free Campers aren’t Free Loaders

We have met thousands of free campers in our travels and a far cry from how they are painted. These people like ourselves are travelling for mostly long periods of time or are on the road permanently. To make their travels go the distance they choose free camping options to save money. However, this is notContinue reading “Free Campers aren’t Free Loaders”

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Travel Well to Welford

Originally posted on Norris Around Australia:
This is the first article for our special destination series. Enjoy You’re standing on a steep river bank surrounded by stark white ghost gums dangling a line in the Barcoo River as it flows through Channel Country, Central Queensland. The wide blue western sky creates a natural contrasting backdrop behind…

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Inskip Point

WOW! I cannot believe we haven’t been here before. What a great camping destination! It has everything. We’ve been to Fraser before but never stayed on the mainland. Australia never ceases to amaze us. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Shaded Camping Areas Sand Driving 4WD Driving Boating Swimming Fishing Kayaking The list goesContinue reading “Inskip Point”

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200th BLOG POST: To Climb or not to Climb……….

A very contentious issue still plays out every day in the heart of Australia. Should the Uluru climb be closed to the public, should it remain a choice or it should it be continue as is? My personal opinion is a firm and whole-hearted we shouldn’t climb it. Even if you are pro-climb please hearContinue reading “200th BLOG POST: To Climb or not to Climb……….”

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Aiming for the Tropics, Landing Amongst the Tablelands

Well we did it! We have hit the road again. Where are we you ask? Now we are not normally ones for travelling through over-populated cities and overly touristy regions however, at the moment that is exactly what we are doing! There is a method to our madness. One: we have spent over seven monthsContinue reading “Aiming for the Tropics, Landing Amongst the Tablelands”

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Walking on Eyre!

After our overnight stint in the mining town of Leigh Creek (food for thought on the work front for the future) we headed to Lake Eyre via Marree. We had a quick stop we knew we would be back in town in a day or two so a beer at the pub and back onContinue reading “Walking on Eyre!”

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Three States in Three Days

We are back on the road after our working stint in Griffith and we are back into the swing of living on the road. This leg of the trip will see us travel through some of the remotest areas of the Australian outback. However, to start off our adventure we jumped from New South WalesContinue reading “Three States in Three Days”

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